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Mike Schwendeman · December 12, 2006 - 13:02 EST #1
D-Link DCS-1000W: Upload .jpg images to a web site

I have a D-Link DCS-1000W wireless/Ethernet camera. The '1000W webcamera as the source for the images. (I would like to have the '1000W camera upload .jpg images to my storage area.) I will give you a few of the important points below:

The webcam has it's own MANUALLY ASSIGNED IP address. (
The webcam's WEB SERVER PORT is 800
The webcam's TRANSFER IMAGE is set to 8481
The subnet and default gateway are the standard ones that I have in use here at my home.
The webcam is coupled to the DSL modem via either Ethernet or Wi-fi.

If I use a web browser, I can access and control (modify the settings) of the webcam from my LAN. -From this, I assume that the above settings are OK and correct.

For WAN access, I am using a "redirect," which is: For this moment, my IP is, but this is dynamic...

My desire is to allow the webcam to upload the images to an FTP server. (, in this case.) In order to do this, I must fill in the following "blanks" in the camera, which define the FTP SERVER identity. I have tried a LOT of possible plans with no success. If possible, please give me the correct information that I need to fill in the '1000W setup blanks below:

HOST ADDRESS (Here, I have tried " " and the like...)
PORT NUMBER (Here, I am using the default of "21")
USER NAME (I have "" here; I assume that I must include the "")
PASSWORD (Here, I have entered my one and only PW that is functional in other areas for my storage area)
DIRECTORY PATH (Here, I have "/cam" -From this, I assume I will find the images in this folder)
PASSIVE MODE (I have selected YES, here; I have two choices, yes or no)
BASE FILE NAME (Here, I am using "1000-test")

The camera appears to function reliably, as I access it for a static or dynamic image, etc. The settings I have attempted are retained in the webcam, as expected. I simply do not see any .jpg images appearing on the Citlink storage area.

Possibly helpful link on the D-Link webcam:

In a separate, but related article I read, I see:
"When someone wants to view your images, they point their browser to your IP address and the HTTP port where the camera is transmitting. You can obviously embed the link in your home page and it would look like this: " (This is related to a function, which allows the webcam to be accessed from a user on the web, using a standard web browser; I have not been able to make this work, either.)

I am using a Macintosh G5, but I also have PC systems available. Thank you very much!!!


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