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ATPM 7.07
July 2001




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PowerCenter 150

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G3-Accelerated 7100

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Reader Comments (6)

Brian Paul Ehni · July 5, 2001 - 21:52 EST #1
RE: G3 Accelerated 7100: If the computer chimes, but gets no video (amber light on the monitor), it may also be a dead PRAM battery. Brian
Omar Willey · May 9, 2002 - 23:23 EST #2
Who was it who had the Apple CD/DVD hack for the NEC 462 CD-ROM drive? ResExcellence seems to have moved the file referred to in ATPM 7.07 and I need to get my CD-ROM working. :)
Stux · May 11, 2002 - 21:10 EST #3
I just went looking for the same CD hack and found it. I also found an old copy of CD Toolkit 3.0, so I just used that with the 3.0.2 updater. It's all on the ResExcellence web site.
Terry Johnson · October 22, 2006 - 23:57 EST #4
I have a powercomputing 166 mhz 604. I have a 17" crt monitor. On the first startup, you hear the chimes, but the monitor light blinks green and you never get the video. If you restart right away after the first attempt by using the computer power button, off then on again, the monitor light goes steady green and video comes on normally. How do I get it to sart first time and get video?
Lee Bennett (ATPM Staff) · October 23, 2006 - 00:42 EST #5
Terry - I'm not a computer repair expert, but if I had to crack a guess, I'd either suspect a bad monitor or a bad video card. Can you try attaching a different CRT? If it boots up with video the first time on a different monitor, then your problem is solved. Have you also tried simply turning the monitor off and back on after the computer has booted? Maybe just the video cable itself has a short in one of the wires and needs to be replaced.

Otherwise, considering the age of your machine and the slim chance anyone has a compatible video card you can try replacing, it may just be that your machine's time has come. Besides, it sounds like you're doing a force restart for those second-try boot ups which don't properly shut down the machine, and those are never good—especially numerous times in a row.
simeone · October 16, 2007 - 07:30 EST #6
I would like to solve a similiar problem on my powercenter180 with g3 400.
I need to install a dvd drive from toshiba.
What i need to do,cd rom toolkit is not compatible with it

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