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ATPM 17.11
November 2011





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How To: Make the Most of TextEdit

I like TextEdit. I use it for ideas. It is quick to open. I have nothing to set up before typing. If I want to save a poem or something I’ve composed on Facebook, or chat, I just copy and paste it on TextEdit, pictures and all. It has enough features for me to get the complete idea written down. I can rewrite the idea, and save. I can copy and paste into Pages if I decide to expand on that idea. It is a great little program to save sticky note ideas. I can file them and open to use any time. I hope they never take it off Mac computers. The only problem is if it is a large idea. It will squash everything on one page, if I decide to print. Sometimes it will be less that # 7 size print.

—Heather Isaacson

To prevent TextEdit from trying to squeeze the entire window width into the page width, go to the Format menu and choose “Wrap to Page.”

—Michael Tsai

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