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ATPM 18.01
January 2012





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Out at Five

Best strip yet.

—Grover Watson

Desktop Pictures

Beautiful! I wake up in the morning and see my background and it just makes me smile. Is this picture for sale? I would like a bigger version in my guest bedroom. Thank you for making my life brighter!

—Sterling Byington

All desktop photos that appear each month remain copyright of the original photographer/artist. Often there is contact information for the submitter by clicking the Description link under the photo. In this case, it just says Matthew Glidden, who is on ATPM staff. Click the Cover page of this issue and scroll down to find Matthew’s name in the staff. His name is linked to e-mail and you can inquire about other uses.

If a particular image has no contact name and/or method available, e-mail for assistance. We often have contact information on file even though the photographer requested to not have an e-mail address linked publicly.

—Lee Bennett

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