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ATPM 18.05
May 2012





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Easter Island Desktop Pictures

Lovely photos, bought happy memories of my visit to the Island in 2001 during my honeymoon.

—Francis Smith

OtterBox Commuter and Reflex

I have an Otterbox for the iPhone 4S. I was photographing a waterfall recently. I guess I got up against a rock enough to twist the phone out of the belt carrier. It went into about one foot of water and stayed there a couple of minutes or more before I realized it was there. The phone came on once I retrieved it, and after removing it from the case it wasn’t wet.

Gotta love the Otterbox case.

—David Johnson

Making the Leap

I was at a friend’s house the other day, marveling at how easily his two-year-old son navigated on his iPad 2, which he bought after I convinced him to buy a 24-inch iMac. That fact that your Mom took to the iPad like a fish to water simply reflects the genius behind the device.

—Grover Watson

Thanks for the remarks. It is about the genius of making something so completely familiar that we don’t even realize it.

Touching something just makes sense. Using a stylus does not. And having a smooth response from the machine is terrific feedback for learning.

—Dave Trautman

Leonardo Da Vinci CD-ROM

I have all four titles: Da Vinci, FDR, Volcanoes. Three unopened. Will they still run on modern Macs?

—Peter Ben Kussell, PhD

No sir, I’m afraid they will not. Besides the fact that Macs dropped support for classic operation (that means before Mac OS X) quite a long time ago, the most recent Macs and the Lion operating system won’t even run some of the original OS X applications for the PowerPC Macs. In other words, if you’re running Lion (Mac OS X 10.7) the app has to be compiled for Intel CPUs. No apps that were written for OS 9 and earlier are Intel-compatible.

—Lee Bennett

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