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ATPM 18.03
March 2012



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iMac Purchase

After three years of having a Mac Pro, I upgraded to an iMac—the best purchase I have made in a long time. I went all out and got a solid state hard drive and 8 GM of RAM. I am blind, and I use text to speech pro for reading ATPM.

—Edwin Yakubowski

MacJournal 6.0

Good review! For those interested in a journaling app with far fewer features but, perhaps, a more elegant interface, DayOne is cheaper and was an Apple pick. It is not meant for blogging but it excellent at getting you to write with its daily reminder feature. Very good for procrastinators.

Has anyone tried BeeLog for journaling + Tumblr? Thanks again for getting me to look at MacJournal again.

—Eric Durbrow

Expert Mouse

I agree with Dan the Man. The Expert Mouse Pro was the best—always was, always will be—unless Kensington realize their mistake and bring back an improved version of it. I love the large number of buttons, all of which I can program.


Welcome to FileMaker

Wow—after tinkering with FileMaker 2 in 1992, I now restarted with FileMaker 11. And your tutorial is by far the best I could find anywhere yet! Thank you so much for making me want to stick with it after all!


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