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ATPM 7.07
July 2001




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We are entering into the heart of the summer here in the United States, home base for ATPM despite our worldwide-strewn staff, and that means it must be time for Macworld Expo New York. What surprises will Steve unveil at the keynote this year? New iMacs? 1 GHz G4s? A speed-bumped Titanium PowerBook G4? Your guess is as good as ours. About This Particular Macintosh has never been in the rumors business, and we never intend to be. We like surprises, and hope to share them with you next month. See you at the Expo!

New Cube?

Will we see a new and updated Cube at Macworld Expo this month? Or has Steve and Co. decided to axe the slow-selling, yet incredibly aesthetically pleasing, system? Tom Iovino explores the latter scenario, as well as childhood, in this, his 49th Apple Cider.


David Ozab couldn’t come up with simply one topic for Beyond the Barline, so he felt that it would be best to share a variety, from thoughts on graduate school and teaching, to the RIAA’s continued effect on the music biz. Oh, and he tells us just who this Håkon Austbø is.


On the movie and TV side of things, Mike Shields walks us through this year’s Showbiz Expo, noting the relative absence of Macs at the conference. Yet, to Mike’s chagrin, Microsoft and Windows XP were the talk of the town.

How You Doin’?

It’s funny how sometimes the oddest things get stuck in your head, like, say, a beer commercial. It’s happened to us all, and it’s happened to Dierk Seeburg in My Apple Wedge. While Dierk left us an outstanding column on the Wacom Graphire tablet, Sensiva, FinderPop, and Noflet, we would like to wish he and his new bride a wonderful time on their overdue honeymoon to Germany to visit family and friends, and to France to watch the Tour de France!

How Old Did You Say that Mac Was?

Ed Goss continues the exploration of older Macs in The Legacy Corner, showing off a Web server running on a Mac Plus. He throws some links and trivia everyone’s way, and offers a tip or two.

Web, O’ Web Shall We Web?

Paul Fatula broadens the horizon of every Web surfer with this latest offering of About This Particular Web Site. The latest hodge-podge runs the gamut from a mass transit trade journal, satire, and satellite imagery, to Mac OS X tips and disposable e-mail addresses.

Christmas in July?

If you are a die-hard GUI junkie, then be sure to check out some more of Jens Grabenstein’s awesome wintery pictures of Konstanz, Germany and Cambridge, Massachusetts. In addition, Jens offers a collection of flower pictures taken in his parents’ garden in Dingelsdorf, south of Konstanz. These make wonderful adornments to any computer desktop, but prefer to roost on a Macintosh!

Where Did I Put My Notepad?

Brooke Smith continues her shareware roundup of Stickies and Note Pad replacements this month, with reviews of NewNotePad, eOrganizer, Personal Organizer, and StickyBrain. Find out which products you should check out to keep yourself organized.

Where are the OS X Apps?

More and more applications seem to be appearing every day for Mac OS X, as developers race to beat the clock as the first to market. Many developers are choosing the path of least resistance when it comes to bringing out native OS X applications by carbonizing them. Such is what Computer Systems Odessa Corp. did when they launched ConceptDraw 1.61 X. Eric Blair has his take on this diagramming program.


ATPM’s own Who Wants To Be A Millionaire contestant, Ellyn Ritterskamp, loves a good puzzle. With that in mind, she examines a code-breaking game, Enigma 2.0, this month. Watch for Ellyn on Millionaire this month, and root that she brings home enough dough to buy everyone on staff a new Titanium PowerBook G4!

Gem Hunting

Even with the Macintosh’s limited market share, there is still a wide variety of software available, contrary to most public opinion. While there doesn’t seem to be as much crud in the Mac software realm as one often finds on the Windows side, users will occasionally encounter a few bad pieces. It is all worthwhile, however, when a true gem emerges, and that is exactly what Jamal Ghandour has found in Macromedia’s latest, Freehand 10.

All Work and No Play…

Raena Armitage reviews text editor iWrite 1.2.1, while Trevor Boehm examines an old friend reborn in Now Contact & Up-To-Date 4.0. ATPM’s resident physician, Gregory Tetrault, puts Toast 5.01 Titanium through the wringer, but Daniel Chvatik reminds us all to take a break with his review of Risk II.

What the Future May Hold

Tune in next month when the staff looks at the latest out of Macworld Expo New York. Who knows, you may have a future with About This Particular Macintosh as well. We are currently seeking Contributing Editors, an Interviews Manager, a Copy Editor, and a Publicity Manager. Contact the editors for more information today!


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Reader Comments (5)

Michael Tsai (ATPM Staff) · August 8, 2001 - 11:12 EST #1
Ellyn now has a Web site about her adventures on Millionaire.
Paul Hansen · April 28, 2002 - 09:01 EST #2
The burner always fails to write to DVD media. Why? Mac G4 / OS 9.1
Burner/player: Pioneer DVD-R/CD-RW 1.22
Prod.ID: DVD-R/CD-RW-103
I am trying to use Toast Titanium 5.0.2 to make straightforward backups of files and folders with pictures, MP3 files, etc. (My iMovie works all right though.)
Lee Bennett (ATPM Staff) · April 28, 2002 - 10:00 EST #3
Paul - first of all, you might want to upgrade to at least OS 9.2.1 but I don't believe it's directly related to your problem.

What I'd suspect more is the version of Toast you are running. Upgrade to 5.1.3.

Also, what other information can you provide? Do you have an external drive by Pioneer, or is it Apple's Superdrive which is OEMed from Pioneer? Are you trying to use DVD-R or DVD-RW media?

Something that I think version 5.1.x corrects is Toast's ability to work with DVD-RW media.
Steve Cowley · October 25, 2002 - 12:54 EST #4
I am using Toast 5.1.3 to burn a DVD, but Toast is not recognizing that a blank CD is in the Freecom DVD drive, even though there is one in there. Also, the panel option in Toast "Other" is not there to select DVD burn?
Lee Bennett (ATPM Staff) · October 25, 2002 - 17:18 EST #5
Steve - above all alse, I'd recommend upgrading to Toast 5.2 which was released not long ago. Next, please clarify what type of media you're wanting to burn. You mention DVD a lot, but you say that Toast isn't recognizing a blank CD that's in the drive. A CD is not the same as a DVD, obviously. Next, check Roxio's Recorder Support page to make sure your drive is supported. I looked up the list of Freecom drives and every single one of them references a CD-RW. There is absolutely no mention of a DVD-R drive. If your drive is only a CD-R or CD-RW, it isn't going to be able to burn to a DVD. If you have a blank DVD-R in your CD-RW drive, naturally, Toast is going to do exactly as you describe—not recognize that there is a disc present.

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