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ATPM 7.07
July 2001




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About This Particular Web Site

by Paul Fatula,

ExpireIt! Disposable E-mail Addresses

A few months back when credit card companies started advertising one-time use numbers for e-commerce, I wondered why they didn’t also provide one time use e-mail addresses—apparently I wasn’t the only one wondering, and unlike me, ExpireIt decided to do something about it. From here you can download a small piece of software and establish (for free) an account. You can then randomly (I didn’t ask for “spanks-tomboy,” I swear!) generate an e-mail address and specify when you want it to expire. Mail sent to that address will be forwarded to you, for as long as you want. When the spammers start picking it up, dump it and generate a new one. The only catch is that by default, you will receive “ExpireIt Specials & News” (dontcha love irony?). Log in from the Web page though, and you can opt out.

Mass Transit Magazine

Mostly a trade journal not likely to be of interest to people outside the industry, this site hosts a very useful list of Web sites of public transit agencies across the country. Planning to take a trip without a car, and want to plan how you’ll get around? Look up the city and state here, follow the link, and find out about fares, maps, and schedules. The site also offers free e-mail addresses, just in case you don’t have enough of those already.


Billing itself as “New Satire for the New Economy,” this site offers some comic relief to anyone enrolled in a summer program about investing and computing at UNL…or anyone else, for that matter. Current headlines include “Girlfriend Announces Disappointing Results” and “SETI Project Turns Down Alien Help.” There’s also an announcement of a bug in Microsoft’s new Office XP which “causes potential customers to find no reason to actually buy the software.” (Don’t worry, Microsoft is working on a patch.)

Atomic Learning OSX Orientation

Sure, there are lots of sites around the Web hosting articles about Mac OS X, and plenty of tips and tricks to get you going. This site bundles together a bunch of basic information, all in one place. What’s really unique about this, though, is that instead of text with occasional photos, you learn about features by watching short movies. The site also offers tutorials, in the same form, on a number of Macintosh applications, though unfortunately most of them are not free.


From this site, you can find satellite images (if black and white, and fairly low quality) of any place in the USA. The main page invites you to click on a place you’re interested in, and eventually zoom in on a place. The advanced find feature lets you type in a place name or longitude/latitude coordinates, but not an address. If you want to zoom in on your house, you can enter your address here and it’ll return coordinates for you.

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