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ATPM 5.03
March 1999


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I just read your review on Snap-To in the latest ATPM. And I agree that it has , in fact, helped speed up my work and save me from carpal tunnel syndrome (I hope). There is, unfortunately, a bug. With Snap-To running in 8.5 if you try to register QuickTime 3.0, it doesn’t redraw the screen properly, leaving a gibberish-filled window instead. I wasn’t sure what other applications it would affect so I just trashed it. I still have my registration number in case the author decides to update it. Though I doubt it since I have e-mailed her several times and have not received a response.



Hi Joey. Thanks for writing. I’m currently running System 8.5.1 with QuickTime Pro 3.0.2 and Snap-To, and have not encountered the problem you describe. Possibly it’s another extension causing your problem? If you have QuickTime successfully registered, you might try reinstalling Snap-To and see what happens. If you still have to register QuickTime Pro, you might try it with extensions off, especially if you are using SAM or Norton Anti-Virus 5.0. Let me know what happens, and thanks for reading ATPM.—Ed Goss

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MacWrite Pro

I agree with your assessment that MacWritePro (especially the final PowerMac-accelerated v1.5) remains the best combination of power-and-ease of use on the Mac.

The only drawback is that some of it’s features are so good (frames within frames, including within merged table cells...) they’re beyond the capabilities of other word processors to emulate, or of DataViz MacLinkPro to unravel, when I have to communicate with those unlucky enough to be living in corporate-purchasing hell.

Given that Apple/Claris must still be sitting on the code for MacWritePro, Resolve, ClarisDraw, and for that matter ClarisCAD, I would love to see this functionality fed back into AppleWorks in the same
way that bits of Copland keep enhancing Mac OS.

Dave Lockwood

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