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ATPM 5.03
March 1999


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Trivia Challenge

by Edward Goss,

Lost Leaders

This is the latest in ATPM’s series of Trivia Challenges. Answers to this month’s Trivia Challenge will be found in the next issue of ATPM. I you have any suggestions for future Trivia Challenges, or wish to comment about almost anything, please e-mail me at

Where would The Howlers be without Omar? Where would The Sex Change Band be without Root Boy Slim? Nowhere, man. So try to match up the bands on the left with their frontmen on the right as you take part in:

Trivia Challenge 5.03: Lost Leaders

 1. The BBs                        A. Ruby
 2. Union Station                  B. Big Head Todd
 3. The Silver Bullet Band         C. Gary Lewis 
 4. The Detroit Wheels             D. Dr. Hook
 5. The Deleware Destroyers        E. Alison Krauss
 6. The Monsters                   F. Elvis Costello
 7. The Range                      G. Flim
 8. The Dukes                      H. ?
 9. Crazy Horse                    I. Country Joe
10. The Attractions                J. George Thorogood
11. The Miracles                   K. Dan Hicks
12. The Reclines                   L. Big Brother
13. The Medicine Show              M. Bob Segar
14. The Holding Company            N. Frankie Lyman
15. The Romantics                  O. Neil Young
16. The Hot Licks                  P. K D Lang
17. The Teenagers                  Q. Steve Earle
18. The Fish                       R. Bruce Hornsby
19. The Playboys                   S. Mitch Ryder
20. The Mysterians                 T. Smokey Robinson

The Rules

Each question has only one correct answer. The answers are stored in a hermetically sealed envelope guarded by a fierce Lhasa Apso named “Hammerli” who lives in our house.

Last Month’s Answers 5.0—The Grab Bag II

 1. John Glenn first orbited the Earth in what year?
   A. 1962            
 2. How many feet make up one fathom?
   B. 6                  
 3. The Aswan Dam was completed in what year?
   C. 1964
 4. How long is a cubit?
   B. 18 Inches          
 5. Who was the last Major League ballplayer to hit .400?
   D. Ted Williams
 6. What is the name of the Taco Bell Chihuahua?
   C. Dinky
 7. Which city is farthest west?
   B. Reno
 8. Who is the author of “The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy?”
   D. Douglas Adams
 9. What is the name of our sponsor Small Dog Electronics’       
   D. Patra 
10. Who is the only President to actually report seeing a UFO?
   C. Carter  
11. In which state is “Jousting” the official state sport?
   A. Maryland 
12. How many points does it take to win a game of Cribbage?
   B. 121
13. Who won the 1998 National Collegiate Basketball Championship?
   C. Kentucky 
14. In order to bowl a perfect score of 300 in the game of Ten Pins, 
    how many strikes in a row must you throw?
   D. 12
15. What was the development nickname for the Macintosh PowerBook 
    3400 series computer?
   C. Hooper

This Month’s CD Recommendation

The best Steve Miller album that you’ve probably never heard—“Born 2 B Blue”—bouncy jaunt through some light Jazz and Blues. Outstanding!

AppleCopyright © 1999 Edward Goss,

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