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ATPM 8.02
February 2002






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Extras: Desktop Pictures

Oregon’s Central Coast and A Collection of Scottish Pictures

Oregon’s Central Coast

These photos, submitted by Contributing Editor David Ozab, were taken by Julia Harris during their early September trip to the Central Oregon Coast.

newport1.jpg—newport3.jpg: Pictures of the ocean, taken at Yaquina Head (9/8).

newportsealions.jpg: Julia couldn’t resist the sea lions sunbathing at Newport’s Historic Bay Front. (9/8)

oca-puffin.jpg and oca-seal.jpg: Two residents of the Oregon Coast Aquarium (9/8).

yachats1.jpg—yachats3.jpg: Late afternoon on the beach at Yachats (9/8).

gullatsanderling.jpg: One of the regular seagulls at the Sanderling Bed and Breakfast in Yachats (9/9).

perpetua1.jpg and perpetua2.jpg: Cape Perpetua, on the way from Waldport to Florence (9/9).

A Collection of Scottish Pictures

The photos were taken by Terry Connell with Canon AE1 fitted with a Vivitar 28-300mm lens and a Nikon F90X using a Vivitar AF 28-80mm lens. The 6x4 inch prints were scanned using an Epson G8500 via “Twain Acquire” in Photoshop 3.0, installed on a Power Mac 7500/180. The scans were sharpened and adjusted in Photoshop 3.0 and saved as JPEGs.

The clouds are alto-cumulus-lenticularis taken shortly before sunset in October 1999.

The icicles are of spray-splashed grass stems after a very cold January 2000 night.

The reflections are of the Talla reservoir in the Scottish Borders. The others are of winter views near my home village of Tweedsmuir, Scottish Borders.

Previous Months’ Desktop Pictures

Pictures from previous months are listed in the desktop pictures archives.

Downloading all the Pictures at Once

iCab and Interarchy (formerly Anarchie) can download an entire set of desktop pictures at once. In iCab, use the Download command to download “Get all files in same path.” In Interarchy, use HTTP Mirror feature.

Contributing Your Own Desktop Pictures

If you have a picture, whether a small series or just one fabulous or funny shot, feel free to send it to and we’ll consider publishing it in next month’s issue. Have a regular print but no scanner? Don’t worry. E-mail us, and we tell you where to send it so we can scan it for you. Note that we cannot return the original print, so send us a copy.

Placing Desktop Pictures

Mac OS X 10.1.x

Choose “System Preferences…” from the Apple menu and click the Desktop button. With the pop-up menu, select the desktop pictures folder you want to use.

You can also use the pictures with Mac OS X’s built-in screen saver. Choose “System Preferences…” from the Apple menu. Click the screen saver button. Then click on Custom Slide Show in the list of screen savers. If you put the ATPM pictures in your Pictures folder, you’re all set. Otherwise, click Configure to tell the screen saver which pictures to use.

Mac OS X 10.0.x

Switch to the Finder. Choose “Preferences…” from the “Finder” menu. Click on the “Select Picture…” button on the right. In the Open Panel, select the desktop picture you want to use. The panel defaults to your “~/Library/Desktop Pictures” folder. Close the “Finder Preferences” window when you are done.

Mac OS 8.5-9.x

Go to the Appearance control panel. Click on the “Desktop” tab at the top of the window. Press the “Place Picture…” button in the bottom right corner, then select the desired image. By default, it will show you the images in the “Desktop Pictures” subfolder of your “Appearance” folder in the System Folder, however you can select images from anywhere on your hard disk.

After you select the desired image file and press “Choose,” a preview will appear in the Appearance window. The “Position Automatically” selection is usually fine. You can play with the settings to see if you like the others better. You will see the result in the little preview screen.

Once you are satisfied with the selection, click on “Set Desktop” in the lower right corner of the window. That’s it! Should you ever want to get rid of it, just go to the desktop settings again and press “Remove Picture.”

Mac OS 8.0 and 8.1

Go to the “Desktop Patterns” control panel. Click on “Desktop Pictures” in the list on the left of the window, and follow steps similar to the ones above.

Random Desktop Pictures

If you drag a folder of pictures onto the miniature desktop in the Appearance or Desktop Pictures control panel, your Mac will choose one from the folder at random when it starts up.


An alternative to Mac OS’s Appearance control panel is Pierce Software’s DeskPicture, reviewed in issue 5.10 and available for download.


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