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ATPM 8.02
February 2002






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About This Particular Web Site

by Paul Fatula,

Moller’s Skycar

For decades, science fiction has been predicting the demise of cars in favour of small personal aircraft. Moller International has been working for some time towards making this idea a reality, constructing prototypes for a “personally affordable” (half a mil, though prices will eventually fall to $60-80 grand) skycar. Unfortunately, it seems likely that the biggest roadblock between science fiction and science fact is government infrastructure; the FAA is simply not equipped to deal with hundreds of thousands of skycars all going to and from different places.


Part of a larger Web site about AppleScripting, this site contains interesting stories of applications of AppleScript. It was first brought to my attention for a story about how someone used AppleScript and Timbuktu to eventually recover a stolen iMac. Very interesting reading for scripters as well as those not familiar with AppleScript. The site also offers a discussion bulletin board for people with questions about scripting, and news about AppleScript and AppleScriptable applications.

Dust Mites: A Primer

“As dust mites are considered to be predominantly causative agents of one the [sic] twentieth-century man’s worst ailments, an information dissemination campaign relating to their health hazard should be launched.” I just hope not too many dust mites get kicked up into the atmosphere in the process. Actually, this is a serious site, with lots of scientific information about dust mites, from taxonomy to mite management, to its opposite: reproduction. Oddly absent is any description of how dust mites cause ailments, or mention of which ailments they cause.


Think of this site as the water cooler next to your digital hub. Postforum is made up mostly of message boards for exchanging ideas and tips for digital video post-production. The site focuses primarily on Macs, “since any real editor or animator should know better than to use Windows.” The forums are in the process of being made searchable, with a beta version currently available on the site. If you try a search but don’t get an answer to your question, you can post on any of the dozens of very topic-specific forums available.

Every Disclaimer in the Book

Does anyone actually read those pages upon pages worth of legalese that pop up on the screen while installing a new program? Well even if you have, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Several extremely verbose disclaimers appear here, along with some scientifically true product warning labels, and a few links to other sites of interest along the same line. Other posts to the site fulfill the promise of being “100% content-free” while at the same time making for an amusing read.

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