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ATPM 4.07
July 1998



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We're glad ATPM is a bipartisan publication. Honest, we're not running for office. But if we were, we'd be running on the OS X platform. It will definitely be the "ticket to ride" for superior OS performance. It's not too early to declare your preference. All G3 Macs have been endorsed by Apple for OS X compatibility. Stop by your local CompUSA and look at Apple's candidates for your home office. For Mac users, the G3's price-performance levels make looking at a Wintel box bad foreign policy (not to mention high treason should you buy one!).

We don't usually talk politics but this year's Macworld Expo is being held at New York's Jacob K. Javits Convention Center. The facility is named after a well-respected Republican known by many for his liberal views. Although we are usually conservative in our views, we liberally lavish praise on the new PowerBooks and the desktops and minitowers to be introduced in July. Our sources tell us the new Macs will be a runaway success (but we wouldn't mind a laboratory runoff with the competition). We'll see the election results soon. Watch the exit polls! The number of people buying Macs and leaving the Wintel world ought to make this contest a landslide!

A Tale of Two Stories
Two of last month's columns sparked a great deal of reader interest. Michael Tsai's critical look at the latest version of Microsoft Word prompted readers to respond with their own "tales of trouble" about software from the "Robbers of Redmond." Michael returns this month with a different look at the Justice Department's favorite monopoly. Please visit ATPM's Personal Computing Paradigmfor more.

Tom Iovino's cautious look at the iMac resulted in some less-than-cautious e-mail responses. While his column began with a reference to walking along New Jersey's famed Boardwalk, several readers suggested he should talk a long walk down one of New York's infamously short piers (we always thought he was a little wet behind the keyboard). This month Tom "walks the plank" while talking about software pirates of a different variety. Stop by this issue's Apple Cider and see if you uncover any precious gems. He says "OS X" marks the spot for Apple's soon-to-be discovered software treasure.

Charity Begins At Home...and Work (Part II)
Since our inception, very few of ATPM initiatives have brought us as much notoriety and support as our program to match donors of pre-owned Macs with schools and charities that need them . Our e-mail box has been inundated with responses from worthwhile organizations trying to do a lot, often times with very little.

If you're planning to upgrade to G3 performance but are concerned about finding a good home for your current Mac, please e-mail us at <>. We know of many many groups who could make very good use of your generous gift. Please see this month's Apples, Kids & Attitude for more info.

Railroad Crossings
H.M. Fog, ATPM staff writer and author of our intermittent serial Twilight Junction will be taking a sabbatical of sorts to pursue a new interest. It's a series of short stories entitled "The Journey Home." His travels by rail and road will take him all over Southern California as he explores some rather extraordinary subjects with a camera, some cool software, and his favorite Mac. His whereabouts and work will be reported from time to time as an addendum to Apples, Kids & Attitude. He's promised to keep Rob "on track" abut his work.

Pulling into ATPM's electronic station is Chris Turner, our new copy editor. Chris is a convert of sorts to the Mac platform. Spending years on the "other side of the tracks" provides him with a unique outlook on all things Mac. We appreciate his hard work on this month's issue and we hope to have him "on board" for months to come.

Please enjoy this month's issue. We're glad you came along for the ride. Our articles and reviews will help you reach your Mac information destination. All aboard!

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