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July 1998



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Apples, Kids, & Attitude

by Robert Paul Leitao,

Charity Begins at Home…And Work—Part 2

Dear Readers:

The response to last month's column <> has been overwhelming! The ATPM staff has received e-mail messages from many, many organizations that are interested in receiving donations of pre-owned Macs and Mac-related equipment.

While the responses may not be an accurate or scientific representation of all schools and charities, I was surprised by what we found. I was surprised that many organizations continue to use 680x0 series (or pre-PowerPC) Macs. There is definitely a pent-up demand for Macintosh computers! More importantly, it also illustrates the fact that Macs have tended to stay in use long after their Wintel counterparts have been retired. The low prices on new, G3-based Macintosh computers is impacting the resale value of older Macs. Your older Macintosh may not have a high monetary value, but to a school or charity that's trying to do a lot with a little, it may be priceless!

When it's time to move up to the performance of a G3-based Mac, please consider making a donation of your older Macintosh to a school or charity in your area. For the name of a school or charity that gratefully accepts donations of Macintosh computers, please e-mail us at <> with the following information:

Phone number:
E-mail address:
Town or city:
Largest city within 100 miles:
Description of Mac equipment available:

The biggest demand is for PowerPC Macs and Macs with CD-ROM drives. All equipment needs to be in working order. Appropriate cables and/or mouse should be provided. We will do our best to help you find a new home for your older Mac.

Many schools and charities are under pressure from parents and benefactors to change platforms. Together, we can do a lot of good for others while helping schools and charities "stay with the platform."

Thanks for your help!

"Apples, Kids and Attitude[TM]" is © 1998 Robert Paul Leitao, <>.Blue Apple

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