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ATPM 3.03
March 1997



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Dear Mr. Leitao

Thank you for your insightful article "Field of Dreams." [Apples, Kids & Attitude - ATPM 3.01] I enjoyed your memories and your thoughts about Apple Co.

I agree with you, and not only in regard to Apple. In every area of our lives we tend to ask both too much and too little of our leaders. We seem to ask "What can you do for me?" We forget to insist on the simpler basic values of honesty, integrity, compassion.

A few memories and tributes of my own: my daughter gave me my first computer - a Commodore 64 about fifteen years ago. She had gone off to college and said that she didn't want me to be lonely. I had often stated that the concept of computing was as far from my normally inquisitive mind as it was possible to be. The only good think that I could imagine was that it might enable me to understand enough of the language that my children were using so that I could be an intelligent listener. Besides one doesn't reject a gift from a child.

The first part was tough. Commodore was just coming out with its GEOS stuff, when Beth gave me the Mac 128 which she no longer needed. All of a sudden using a computer was fun. Since then I have purchased an SE-30 (which I still think is a super computer) and a Quadra 630.

Through it all, one of my sons who is an IBM and OS2 consultant, has learned the other languages and patiently supported and educated me. When I call him in despair and offer to throw the computer in the James River, he sympathizes and leads me to a more constructive point of view. It was he who downloaded the ATPM with your article and put it on my computer when I wasn't looking for a surprise. My children are wonderful. I wouldn't really trade my Quadra for anything else (except maybe the SE30).


Anne K. McKenney

Dear Heather (

Warm greetings from southern California.

I was reading the February 1997 ATPM when I read of your problems with "Tidy It Up." It looks to me like you have either an old or corrupt version of the program. I have used TIU on a number of computers for years without any problem.

My copy is named "Tidy It Up ! II 1.0" with creation date of 3/14/93 and modification date of 11/22/95. There is also a preference file that is stored in the folder with TIU.

The purpose of TIU is to present a display of your System folder and sub-folders in a logical structure. Its handy work is visible when you look in the System folder or a sub-folder with the small icon view. It creates empty folders as headings and groups files and folders according to a set of rules that are stored in the preference file. TIP does not move anything around on your hard disk. It does, however, set information in the invisible desktop file so that the Finder will present the small icon view in the logical structure.

From time to time, I have had to update TIU's rules when new sub-folders and document types have been added to the System folder as the Mac OS has evolved.

My System folder contains 3,542 items totaling 204MB. TIU is a great help when I am looking for something.

Get a good copy of Tidy It Up ! II and you should have fewer computer woes.


Cool Mag

Just wanted to drop a line and compliment you on your excellent publication. Simply fantastic. I am reminded of a time when I first picked up a magazine, with the words User and Mac in the title, although not necessarily in that order. I had a really neat feeling as I paged throught the issue. I felt proud to be a Mac user, proud of the fact that people would create a magazine that cool about a computer that was way off the charts in its coolness quotient. Anyway, that magazine seems to have lost its coolness factor, and seems almost like a PC magazine (sigh). So, I dropped my subscription. Then, lo and behold, I run across ATPM. Wow!, I'm thinking, this sounds pretty cool. But, I think, It probably just sounds neat, and is probably some blah publication. Then, when I realize that it just what I am looking for in a magazine, I get that neat tingly feeling that I got when I first saw that OTHER magazine. So, I just want to say GREAT JOB! Insanely great job, that is (excuse the pun).

I do have one suggestion. Page turning arrows on the top as well as the bottom of the pages on your web site would be helpful. The pages are so clearly organized, I can tell instantly whether I am interested in that page or not. However, I must scroll down to the bottom of the page to turn it. Other than that, no complaints whatsoever. I look forward to receiving my first issue!


Thank you for the page-turning arrows suggestion. We're always looking for suggestions on how to make our web site (and ATPM in general) better. -Ed.

We'd love to hear your thoughts about our publication. We always welcome your comments, criticisms, suggestions, and praise at Or, if you have an opinion or announcment about the Macintosh platform in general, that's ok too.

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