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ATPM 3.03
March 1997



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March Forward

The theme for this month's issue of ATPM is "March Forward." For Macintosh users we think this is a really cool thing to do. Why not? Apple's just released the world's fastest laptop computer and the company seems to have found some much needed direction in terms of furthering the development of the next generation Mac OS. Not to mention the corporate changes recently announced.

The reason why we're not mentioning the changes here is because we discuss them in our cover story appropriately entitled "Marching Forward." We think the competition will quickly be left behind. If only the rest of our lives were this simple.

Me and You and A Box Named Blue...

We have "noted" before that we think Apple's musical operating systems (Harmony, Tempo and Rhapsody) will be more than "music to our ears." We think these sweet melodies will play well not only in Peoria, but on our favorite Macs, too. We liked the "sound" of things so much that it reminds us of one of our favorite songs from the late 60's/early 70's. Our 90's version is called "Me and You and A Box Named Blue."

Apple's recent explanation of how future operating systems will perform certain tasks was filled with references to some rather brightly colored boxes. In fact, there were so many boxes referenced that we figure if we mixed all the boxes and colors together they'd create kind of a 60's-style psychedelic montage. Anyone for some old-fashioned tie-dyed T-Shirts sporting the Apple logo colors? How about a commemorative Apple branded lava lamp? We'll know things have hit the proverbial wall if Dr. Amelio is seen sporting a pair of bell-bottoms. We hope all the OS enhancements and multi-colored boxes will bring the Mac's overall performance "Back to the Future."

In This Corner Of The World...

We're happy to announce the latest addition to the ATPM staff. He's from Kuwait which means he'll also heads the new ATPM Middle East bureau (we'll do anything to get our name on a door) . Like many modern artists we refer to him by only his first name, Jamal. Well, it's Mr. Jamal to anyone who doesn't use a Mac. Our newest staff member has offered to provide our readers with some cool design tips and tricks while utilizing the latest in Mac-compatible design software. Check-out his new column. Because appreciation of cool design work doesn't have boundaries, we think our newest column should have a rather international appeal.

We've Said It Before...

About This Particular Macintosh (ATPM) was created to celebrate the "personal computing experience." And, we believe that the Macintosh is the most personal of personal computers. ATPM is intended to be about your Macintosh, our Macintoshes, and the creative, personal ideas and experiences of everyone who uses a Mac. We've enjoy bringing you our own brand of analysis, insights and humor.

With this in mind, we'd like to take this opportunity to encourage you to become a part of ATPM. No, we don't mean that you have to become a permanent member of our zany staff, we simply want to hear about you and life with Your Particular Macintosh. We do know that behind all the techno-jargon there are real users who just enjoy what their computer helps them to do. We'd like to hear from you. It's your contributions that help make ATPM fun and interesting to read. We'd like to know, in your words, what makes a personal computer "personal." Send you articles, comments or questions to:

As always, thanks for your support. Please enjoy!

The ATPM StaffApple

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