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ATPM 2.11
November 1996






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What The Mac's About...

I'm writing to say I particularly enjoyed reading your editorial [Apples, Kids & Attitude] in ATPM 2.06. (It was on the British Mac Magazine "MacFormat" Cover CD).

As a primary teacher, I was discussing with a parent (Who has a Win95 machine at home), about why our schools should continue to support the Mac. The parent's position was that children would barely use a Mac once they had finished education, and that schools should be buying Wintel machines. Of course I disagreed, and talked about how Mac have a stronghold in DTP etc, and, besides, we teach children to learn, and as such they will adapt to changes they face.

Thus when I read your comment "The Macintosh was not designed to compete with other PCs; it was designed to set the standards for personal computing." - I immediately thought of this parent. Further discussion will not persuade her; I'll just tell her this and say that our children deserve the best equipment we can provide.

Anthony Seng

Sign Me Up...

Just got version 2.06 of ATPM with a Macworld CD-ROM (UK) and it's pretty cool, so I thought I'd find out about subscribing.

Tim W.

ATPM is a MacGoody

I'm really impressed with ATPM so I'm putting you at the top of my next MacGoodies! list, a monthly roundup of online notes. It should be posted about November lst on the MacTwain Macintosh User Group Page

Chuck Heath

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