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ATPM 2.11
November 1996






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Page O’ Links

Dear ATPM Reader:

The ATPM Staff is happy to announce the start of our official "ATPM Reader Page o' Links" program. Simply put, we're asking you — our loyal readers — between now and December 15th to send us the URL of your favorite Mac-related web site.

The recommendations will be reviewed, "sliced, diced and categorized" by the ATPM Web o' Matic drill team. Your recommendations come first. Our decisions our final. The result will be a fun-filled web resource for Mac addicts of all ages and sizes. This special Mac-related web guide will be published in our February issue. So please send us your entry now.

To submit your favorite Mac-related web site for consideration simply send an e-mail to: Please include in your message the web page URL and the reason why you think the site should be considered for our ATPM Reader Page o' Links web resource.

Please note: Shameless plugs are allowed. However, wording similar to the following is requested: "Gosh, I made the site, I like the site, it features an Apple logo and the all-important ATPM web site link. It deserves to be in your ATPM Reader Page o' Links web resource." This program is open to everyone and any Mac-related site may be recommended.

This is an exciting opportunity for you, our loyal readers, to let all of cyberspace know what in all the World Wide Web catches your fancy, blows up your balloon, tickles your cat or just brings to mind other mixed metaphors.

As always, thanks for your support and your participation.

The ATPM staff

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