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November 1996






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Gobble, gobble. Gobble, gobble. This may sound like a traditional holiday sound — because it is one. It’s also the sound of consumers around the world buying up the new generation of Mac OS computers. Especially those consumers among us with expiring Apple Citibank dollars. It was a cool program while it lasted but we think the latest price cuts on quality Apple hardware is an even better one — this time everyone’s included in the fun.

We still want to know who in the personal computer industry is doing the counting and forecasting of Mac stuff. We also think they must have all graduated from the Pentium School of Mathematics. It’s a good thing these people don’t work at the North Pole, counting the number of kids to be visited by Santa (he’d run out of toys before Scandinavia).

There’s even a few Wall Street financial types who still question the feasibility of Apple’s continued success. We answer many of those naysayers in our cover story “Financially Speaking...” We figure their brains must have spent too much time at the North Pole because they sure seem to have a lot of “toys in the attic”. If this weren’t the holiday’s we’d say that they all belonged in Never-Never Land.

ATPM Speak...

Our e-zine has recently been accused of too much Apple-hype. What can we say to comments like that! It is the time of year when we wish to be generous and kind so we will refrain from any brash words. We’ll just think up new definitions for old ones — such as the following...

Word: amelio*rate
Pronunciation: Gil
Function: verb
Date: 1996
Transitive verb : saving a really cool company
Intransitive verb : making the computer world a lot better
Synonym see: new & improved Macintosh computers

We’ve decided to recommend to our friends, the dictionary folks, that the above-referenced word be changed to this really cool new meaning. We know it’s a verb but Apple’s had a lot of action this past year and we’re all happy with the results. We wanted to share our editor’s scholarly find in the annals of English-language words. Check out the old meaning and see why Dr. Gil is appropriately named for his newest job. It fits well, don’t you think?

Thanks to you...

With the approach of Thanksgiving Day here in the States, we think there’s a lot for which we should be thankful. First and foremost we’d like to thank you, our loyal readers, for your continued support. Thanks to you our subscriber base and world-wide readership has grown exponentially in the last six months. We are, of course, grateful. We have some cool things planned for 1997 and beyond...

It’s a small world...

Remembering the words first put to music by that other company that started things with a mouse, the World Wide Web sure seems to be making the world even a little bit smaller, after all (sorry, we just had to do that). As we mentioned in last month’s advisory, we’re still accepting nominations for the ATPM Page o’ Links web resource to be published in our February issue. Please see the notice in this issue.

Yule appreciate the story...

Every once in a while we take a peek from behind our monitors, gaze around and visit that other seemingly virtual reality. In this, the season of hope, we look forward to a happy time with our friends and family. We also wish you a happy holiday season. This issue includes our regular columns and a kind of special edition of Apples, Kids & Attitude. Best of all, Rob tells us the ending is true. We’ll take his word for it. We hope you do, too.

Happy holidays from Michael, Rob, Mike, Evan and Belinda.

The ATPM StaffApple

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