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May 2003




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Review: World War 2 Online Blitzkrieg

by Joe Kudrna,


Developer: Cornered Rat Software

Price: $34.99; online service costs $12.99/month with one-month free trial and additional free months for recruiting new players.

Requirements: 800 MHz G4, 512 MB of RAM, 64 MB VRAM, 1 GB free hard disk space, Mac OS X, joystick.

Trial: One month free online, “boot camp” map for unlimited offline practice.

About This Simulation

WW2 Online Blitzkrieg is played online with hundreds of others across the world. Considering its emphasis on detail, it is in more respects a simulation than a game, meaning WW2OL is arguably the first “Massively Multiplayer Combined Arms Cooperative Operation Real Time Simulation” ever.

What separates this war game from all others is its combined arms. It utilizes infantry, tanks, aeroplanes, and ships, and offers the ability to share the operation of a vehicle with another player in a constantly changing strategic environment. This is the most audacious attempt to date at recreating this period of history, and for the most part it has succeeded.

This simulation is set during the 1940 German “Blitzkrieg” across a richly detailed Northern Europe, as French and British forces do their best to stem the tide of the overwhelming German assault. It takes place in a half-scale virtual model of northern Europe. There are huge cities and small villages, connected by roads, rivers, and railroads. The nature of the map offers the option of simply travelling across Europe in an aeroplane or truck, but this will take time. Just to fly to the German border from Dover in England takes an hour and a half in real time!

The object of the game is relatively simple: stop the enemy from capturing territory. The ways of achieving this goal are varied and ever changing. You initially “spawn” in your choice of vehicle or as infantry at your location of choice, do your duty, and if you survive you “spawn out” and receive promotion points. There are dozens of vehicle types and a handful of infantry types available, and you can choose either to join your teammates or to join other groups.

The Germans usually win, upon which point the map is reset, but there is every possibility the Germans could be stalled past the typical two-month game cycle.


A truckload of allies arrives in town, ready for action.

The box contains the game CD, a simple 52-page user manual, and a useful but dated map of Northern Europe. The CD contains additional images and music not found in the downloadable version. The box states some hefty requirements as mentioned above, noting a lack of support for dual-CPU machine configurations, but my experience has shown that it can run quite well on a lesser machine. Cities, aircraft, and heavy action with large groups of players require powerful machines, but if you avoid those you can still have fun using lower end machines.

I have been playing this simulation on my 500 MHz PowerBook G3, with 640 MB RAM and a paltry 8 MB of VRAM. While the game is for the most part playable, a reasonable minimum specification for adequate game play would be a 600 MHz G4 with 512 MB of RAM and 16 MB of VRAM with L3 cache.

It is important to note the L3 requirement, because the G4 iMac, eMac, and new 12" PowerBook which lack this L3 cache perform surprisingly poorly running this game! To use the tanks, big guns, and airplanes, it goes without saying that the game will require a joystick, and a good one at that. Fortunately, quality joysticks retail for as low as $25.

When using the game’s bundled configuration utility, it is best to start with minimum settings and increase over time, starting with the resolution and observing frame rate changes (if the FPS rate is not shown, press the Num Lock key). Higher settings make the environment look better, but may reduce performance. The bottom left ‘?’ button, when clicked, displays detailed descriptions of each of the settings.

There have been a dozen updates to this game since the first Mac version came out (and dozens more on the PC side), but this is the first time I can honestly say it’s a Really Good ThingTM. There is an amazing and constant effort to improve the game, with user polls conducted and suggestion requests accepted. Since I started playing, the developers have added new effects, new terrain, a dozen more towns, one armored car, three tanks, and five new airplanes, pushing the total number of vehicles into three figures. The improvements in version 1.8.4 are substantial. There may already be additional vehicles by the time you read this!


Looking at town from river bridge.

Joining the Squad

With this in mind, it is best to download and use the full game installer from the site (about 99 MB) instead of installing from the CD, which carries version 1.6.8. By default, files install to the “PlayNet” folder within the Applications folder, although this can be changed.

A plug-in for your Web browser is also installed, meaning you should quit your Web browser before installing. As ATPM went to press, this plug-in is incompatible with Apple’s Safari browser, and I have only tested it with Internet Explorer.

To create an account, go to the Web site’s Account/Getting Started area, enter the CD Key found on the case along with some personal and billing information, and take your time to choose a user name and password you’re happy with. You can change your user name at a later stage, but it will cost a little extra. Once you have signed in, you can then choose a squad to join.

Teammates help you play the game, coordinate the missions, and give a sense of familiarity and welcome. The option to play elsewhere or on the opposite side is still there, but once familiarized with the game, joining up will offer great camaraderie. There is a feature in the “radio” window to instantly chat with specific squad members or an individual. Being a member also gives you posting access to the Forum; Support-Mac is very helpful with questions. There is already a vibrant community of players.


As you gain experience, you gain rank and privileges!

War Games

This game is possibly unique, in that it is launched from a Web browser. On the Web site, choose a side (Allies or Axis), read the news and orders for the day, and then click the Join button. This activates the PlayNet plug-in, which quits your browser and launches the game. Once loaded, you are shown a map of recent activity. Use the map to zoom in on an area or view a list of active missions or attacks that you can join. The entry screen also lets you modify the key map, and view your progress to becoming a general.

Once a mission and vehicle are picked, hit Launch and the game drops you onto the map. Most of the time you will spawn in a relatively quiet area and move to the front line by land, air, or sea; but sometimes you may spawn in the midst of heavy action! Just as in the real war, information is scant, and your on-screen display offers basic health meters, a direction indicator, and a short-range map.

The environment is detailed enough to look impressive. There are day and night cycles, but the transitions happen about four times faster than normal. The game follows the laws of physics, from gravity right down to weapons recoil and the swaying motions of vehicles. You can have accidents; if a truck you are riding hits a bump or a tree, people will be thrown out and injured!

Because there are so many vehicles in the game, there are configuration settings for each class and individual vehicle, as well as settings for up to four different joysticks attached to the same computer, or for four players using the same joystick.

The spawn-in locations are either in the field called “FB,” or in a city, called “AB.” What is available depends on how active the location is and on your rank (most units are available at Corporal level). From then on it’s drive, fly, boat, or just plain walk to the action. Of course, you can hitch a ride or be towed by a truck by getting close and jumping on board. While hundreds can be online, there is a limit of 64 for each FB or AB.

The availability of equipment is a deciding factor in most battles. Scoring is based on two factors in defensive missions: how much longer than 10 minutes they last and whether you survive, and (in an attack mission) claiming a kill. This is much easier said then done, as most of the time you are unsuccessful.


RAF out in force, Hurricanes and Blenhimes.

Of all the online games I have played this is the most reliable, even over a 56K modem. Lag, when it happens, has almost no impact on ground operations, at most causing movement jerkiness or a rare delay in updates on flags. I was able to test it simultaneously by operating a tank, using two accounts over a high bandwidth connection. There was a consistent 1/4-1/3 second feedback lag between the two, which is very good. Considering that the servers need to keep track of hundreds of objects, including bullets, test for collisions, and then inform each player’s computer of movement, hits, or other events, one can begin to come to terms with the quality of this simulation.

A successful hit does take about one second to register on your screen. In that time, a signal of a hit is sent to the server, which passes that information to the opponents’ computers. They acknowledge the hit and report damage sustained; this information is passed back to the server, and notice is finally sent back to the shooting players computer, all in the space of that one second. A slow computer with a low frame rate suffers more misses than lag.


The hallmark of this game is cooperation. Two players can share a single vehicle, where one is usually a driver or pilot and the other is a gunner or bomber. Not only can a large gun be operated by two people, but to move it across great distances one needs the assistance of a third player to operate a truck.

In a tank, the driver will select the tank available and request an additional crew member who takes the turret position. It makes for easier spotting of enemies, which is vital for victory, but communication between driver and gunner is tricky. It is easier to be a tail gunner to an aircraft’s busy pilot.

The implementation of this feature is refined, functional, and one of the best aspects of this game. A cross-platform communications software called TEAMSPEAK is being used to great effect to help coordinate vehicle operation as well as squad organization.


German forces moving out.

Details, Details, Details

The key to a great game or movie is in the details. Once, I spawned into a fighter; while grounded, engine off, I fired its guns to observe the light effects and sound. To my amazement, I started moving backwards! I had not expected the developers to model the recoil on fighter aircraft as they did so well on tanks and guns, but they obviously have, to great effect.

These are not cookie cutter objects in different skins; every vehicle is beautifully modeled and behaves differently, as does the recoil of each weapon. So too are the vulnerabilities of each vehicle. Each vehicle contains fuel, ammunition, oil, power, controls, and of course the crew, so a penetrating round may only damage one or two systems, if indeed it hits anything.

With tanks, a shell may penetrate and ricochet off something inside before hitting a vital item. You can swim across rivers, but make sure you are well rested or you will risk drowning. Running takes away from your stamina, but lying down quickly recovers your breath. Damage is variable, from being stunned, to sustaining light wounds, to being mortally wounded, to dying instantly. Did I mention how beautiful the details are?


An 88mm cannon fires at night.

Bugs and Lags

Sadly, no game is perfect. Yet.

A pitfall of the game bemoaned by many is being locked inside a vehicle. There is no means of escape, even if it means losing the vehicle forever. There is every chance a vehicle is rendered immobile but its occupants survive. Yet they can’t get out, and they can’t spawn out of the environment, either.

Occasionally damage is ineffectual, or not properly recorded. An aircraft can on rare occasions take a huge number of direct hits and still fly home, if smoking profusely. Tanks have survived a large number of hits and attacks by sappers. The lag time between computers can also make what is a sure-fire hit to you a complete miss. Another source of gripes is damaged targets spawning out early, where the target leaves before being completely destroyed, robbing the victor of full credit for the kill.

The one aspect of the game I did find wanting are the buildings. Large buildings in cities resemble giant boxes on a Hollywood stage set. This is an unavoidable shortcoming in my opinion, as rendering more detailed buildings means more demands on the computer and server. Regardless, there is for each building a ground level and external stairs to the top. There are a few small buildings and churches with internal stairs, but the window frames are annoyingly thick. I saw one building with no upstairs windows.

The bunkers and fortifications in the game are oddly inaccurate. These bunkers are key positions in the game that must be captured; however as a strong defensive building they are anything but that. They are often positioned next to other buildings, trees, or walls that obstruct any defensive fire, and have large openings that offer a direct line of incoming fire. The system is not 100% efficient; objects and walls do not stop all shells or explosions so it is possible to be hit inside a bunker. Overall, bunkers seem to be a hindrance and many players question their purpose.

This game suffers from occasional freezes and application crashes that occur more frequently on modem connections. On a broadband connection, a crash or freeze may on average occur with every 15th spawn-in, but I am usually finished playing before that happens.

I have read some reports of poor performance even with new, high-end Macs. There are a few map bugs, mainly bases that cannot be captured and trees invisible from one side. Lag is generally unnoticeable—unless you are flying, when that short pause may seem to last forever—but other then that it runs very smoothly, considering the hundreds of players online at once.


Going on a river cruise in a small Fairmile patrol boat.

Play Tips

Be patient! If you rush into combat you won’t last long. Learn how to operate as many individual vehicles as possible before you rush off to battle. Learn to work in teams, as you cannot capture a town alone. The more familiar you are with your vehicles and maps, the more successful you are. Truck runs and defense missions are the best route to more promotion points, but remember to despawn at base after a run. You must play the game for more than ten minutes and survive to receive those points.


The cliffs of Dinant.

Last Call

World War 2 Online Blitzkrieg must not be seen as an arcade-style game such as Quake, Medal of Honor, or Unreal. It is a serious combat simulation that can be enjoyed if treated as such, and gives a good historical perspective of what it was like 63 years ago. This game is most recommended for WW2 hobbyists, serious gamers, and those who like simulation games, but it may still be attractive to arcade gamers.

The camaraderie you will find between players is very noticeable, with players trading humorous war stories or boasts. Perhaps some will be perfectly happy just to drive to a hill top, admire the virtual countryside, and listen to the digital birds.

Reader Comments (107)

anonymous · May 3, 2003 - 23:45 EST #1
I have been playing this game now from the start and all I have to say is, it rocks!

It is worth trying out for a month or two. $13.95 is a small price to pay for such a great game.
anonymous · May 4, 2003 - 00:16 EST #2
This is the most immersive game you'll ever be a part of. It's nice to finally play a game where killing means something.
anonymous · May 4, 2003 - 00:22 EST #3
This game is something different. It's a big step into gaming future. One can feel how much love the developers put into it--and you can fight with them!
Ogg of Bose 26 · May 4, 2003 - 01:25 EST #4
First and foremost, playing the game is like shooting heroin. It is very addictive.

Second, many players are members of squads. By using Roger Wilco or Teamspeak, communication is done primarily though the voice comms. Some of us read text only when we are not engaged with other duties. So, if someone doesn't answer your question, please ask again.

Finally, vengence is the best part about being killed. You can self-avenge an enemy who has killed you by sneaking up on him and using a pistol on them as just rewards.

This game is very much worth the free trial and continuing it in a squad would be most helpful.

I recommend you spend at least the free trial and one month in the pay zone. $12.99 is very cheap for unlimited play.
anonymous · May 4, 2003 - 06:37 EST #5
The best bit is when you dive from the clouds in a bomber and see a group of Germans posing for a group screen shot (for the web site) and you drop a bomb smack into the middle of them!
Misled · May 4, 2003 - 07:17 EST #6
I'm an addict of this game. If you are interested in seeing some player videos with in-game action, check out these links:

A Day Of 109 by Kafuji - 42 mb, 3:35 min

WooHoo by Vanner - 16 mb, 2:16 min

Stuka-Raid on Binche by Wldillons - 32 mb, 2:01 min
anonymous · May 4, 2003 - 09:36 EST #7
Good to see a review holding all the way through the good and bad instead of a paid advertisement. For the most part, you hit the nail on the head in each area.

Someone starting in the game must be aware they are playing, and paying for development of, an unfinished game--not to mention the experience in having every bit of high-end hardware to play the game, at least to fly at times. Development is slow, support for the game is player-based, and customer PR is lacking at times with little or no answers to the development of the game being subscribed to.

It's pretty much capture the flag and overwhelm tactics for the last two years. Nothing strategic as of yet--at least not yet working. There is no Navy unless you consider a shore patrol as a Navy. The equipment lacks in some personas and others have been in development past the normal 6 weeks turnout.

The game has become better, for the most part, and enjoyable at times, looking back from day one. But it still has major hurdles to overcome to survive and to keep its customer base in the future.
anonymous · May 4, 2003 - 12:18 EST #8
I'll admit it. I'm a WWIIOL Addict. It's a great game. I suggest everyone who reads this give it a shot.
Jeff · May 4, 2003 - 15:56 EST #9
My name is Jeff and I'm an addict. My love affair started June 2001 and I can't stop!
Rob Hood · May 4, 2003 - 16:40 EST #10
The game is taking a new direction where the High Commands will dictate where you go and what you can spawn. If you do not chose to join the High Command of your side, you cannot play. Casual players are not welcome.

Each map reset sees the best equipment removed and you start off with far superior Axis equipment which, while historically correct, creates a mind killing "ground hog day" situation.
Bozko · May 4, 2003 - 18:09 EST #11
If development of this game stopped right now, I would still play it forever.

Great job, CRS!
Mbjvx · May 4, 2003 - 19:56 EST #12
Just a quick comment: I used to hate squads. They were always boring and never did anything. So what did I do?

I found another player who thought the same and we started our own squad. Then we joined the official BEF and recruited three more players. THIS is what makes the game fun. It feels like your actaully a member of the army--not just some loser looking for kills.
anonymous · May 10, 2003 - 15:10 EST #13
Rob Hood: Brigade spawning is what's coming and it, by no means, forces you to join the high command or not play.
anonymous · May 10, 2003 - 19:46 EST #14
World War 2 Online is the only game I have had on my computer for the past two years. Everything else gets erased after about a month or so when I either finish it or get bored.

You never finish World War 2 Online or get bored. One second, you're attacking and feeling on top of the world. The next, you're definding against an onslaughtof tanks, infantry, and air with nothing left in the spawn pool than a handful of riflemen. Real last-stand stuff. :-)

Try it for a month. Join a squad or tally up with them and get ready to be addicted.

The best thing of all is you keep getting updates with extra equipment, FX, and enhancements.
Mr. Frost · May 11, 2003 - 04:10 EST #15
The game is taking a new direction where the High Commands will be empowered to help the players to find the action, defend or attack effectively, and concentrate resources to the effect of promoting both realism and game playing enjoyment. If you choose not to join a High Command, you will be availed much of the advantages in communications and availability of effective and capable leaders that, previously, only dedicated squad and High Command-affiliated players could count on. Casual players will be most welcome.

Each reset will see all nations begin in starting positions where they will each have their respective strengths and weaknesses potentially balanced (for example, Axis air power is stronger, whereas Allied armor is far more powerful, but slower), but each will have increasingly enhanced capacity to research and develop ever more potent and advanced designs that could see the respective balances dramatically alter over time (which was what historically happened).

The total area of the WW2OL world has been stated as 2.92 million square kilometers. Currently, only Belgium, the Netherlands, Northern France, some of Poland, a portion of southeast England, and a small portion of northwest Germany have been populated with towns and vegetation etc. The game will continue to grow for a LONG time.
WW2OL Sucks · May 11, 2003 - 17:28 EST #16
Please! This game sucks! You don't get to use the GOOD equipment until you get a high rank, which will take forever! All the vehicles are not there, either. They are phased in one per week, and are decided on by the HQs, not you. And here is the best part: soon, other players will decide what you play and where you can spawn! You will have no control!
anonymous · May 15, 2003 - 17:26 EST #17
"WW2OL Sucks" is a moron!! It's the best and most realistic game to ever hit the market. Equipment is not phased in one per week by HQ. IT is voted on by Axis and Allies. WIth up-and-coming changes, production facilities will determine equipment availability. Some people just shouldn't comment if they don't know the facts.
Sres · June 11, 2003 - 05:33 EST #18
"WW2OL Sucks" failed to see what this game is all about. Earning your equipment like the best tanks and the best planes is all about developing your rank.

I've been playing for just over a month now and am already a Liutenant Colonel in the Army with access to all the weapons I need (you get access to all vehicles at Corporal, which can be reached within 6 hours playing time.)

As for HQ controlling the production rate, I agree that most people don't get to see the big picture. It is all about gauging what the opposition is going to do. If they increase their planes and we don't, we could lose the air war. Both sides enter into discussion through the week on the forums as to what they want to increase production of and then a decision is made based on the communities' decision.

Controlling where you spawn is another feature that may make or break the game. Being in a squad helps you. Running around randomly in this game will get you nowhere because, without teamwork, you are just cannon fodder for the enemy.

Personally, I'm looking forward to huge air battles and bombing raids on factories.

Nice article. Very fair. Here is hoping we see some more Mac players :)
anonymous · July 14, 2003 - 21:03 EST #19
This game seems like it has extremely good game play. I love realistic games, and those that use teamwork. The only thing is that the graphics look somewhat bad. For me, graphics can make or break a game for most people, I think. I am trying to figure out whether or not I should buy this game. The only thing holding me back is the graphics. Is it worth it?
Doctor88 91st Sturm Battalion · July 25, 2003 - 10:47 EST #20
With the 1.9 patch soon to come out, the graphics issue will be fixed since the engine will be moving to a Open GL engine, much like Quake and such--pretty much a major overhaul of WW2 Online.
Demon · August 8, 2003 - 02:13 EST #21
This game is not for the faint of heart. If you're a strategy gamer, just join the high command and someday you will be moving entire units of real people around a 1/2 scale model of Europe. Fun stuff eh? ]=)
Igorsky · August 18, 2003 - 11:13 EST #22
WW2OL is highly recommended. I give it a big two thumbs up! Try it today. You won't be sorry.
Houtie · August 27, 2003 - 08:43 EST #23
For someone who used to play the old Avalon Hills board/wargames and collect model planes and stuff twenty odd years ago, this game really is a dream come true, but it's not perfect yet with the bugs and all. If those get sorted out, well, then there's nothing like it out there. You can still have some great moments though, in spite of it's present state.
Dennis T. Moe · September 12, 2003 - 10:23 EST #24
I have played this game for a year and I can just say that this game is the best game of the all. It's realistic and has team play with a good connection. ;-) So try it out.

Dennis T. Moe
Mike · September 14, 2003 - 21:36 EST #25
I think this game is great. I love how it isn't totally sub-machine gun oriented like other World War 2 games, and that rifle troops can hold their own.
Kai Rune · October 5, 2003 - 03:45 EST #26
It's great. I was in the battle for Liege, Gilz, Breda, and all the other battles this weekend where the Iron Wolves was involved.

After a while, though, in siege battle, it gets to a point where it's no fun at all. =/
Blindz0rz · November 1, 2003 - 22:34 EST #27
I haven't played this game yet, but it looks awesome. I can't wait to have it!
anonymous · November 12, 2003 - 23:48 EST #28
This game rocks, I tell you! It has been around for a while and I've had it for a week now, and I just have to say it rocks.
Andy · December 1, 2003 - 18:02 EST #29
Buy this game! It only costs about five bucks on eBay and it will entertain you for years!
Shane/Whee (94th AB, 2nd AB Brigade BEF) · January 1, 2004 - 10:32 EST #30
I agree 100% with Andy. Buy it. Get the 6-month plan and it's less than $10/month (about the same as one move per month at the theaters).

Take a little time and get used to it. Find a squad to run around with. If you're Allied, tune to Allied94. We're always doing something.

This game rocks. 'Nuff said.
Blimpy · January 5, 2004 - 19:54 EST #31
I agree, this is game is sweet. This is the only game where the battle is actually happening across the whole battle line with little or no lag!!!
James · January 25, 2004 - 19:41 EST #32
This game is awesome. There is little or no lag as Blimpy said, and you can do an endless amount of things.
wmmunny (game name) · February 10, 2004 - 05:44 EST #33
I've never played any other game for as long as I've been playing this one, and there is only one other game that comes close in that regard - Age of Empires.

Most games last just a few weeks - until you figure out the AI patterns, best unit combos, or whatever. That hasn't happened yet with this game, and I don't think it ever will.

I've never run into a situation where I thought "hey that reminds me of another time when..."

Every day is different, unique, interesting, challenging, and whatever else you'd like to add.

anonymous · February 25, 2004 - 19:50 EST #34
This game is great. If you're a new player, don't get discouraged at first. There is lots to learn and once you know your way around, it's the best out there.
Eric Burke · March 14, 2004 - 15:21 EST #35
Don't waste your time. The beginning rush is good for the first couple of years, but it gets old fast when you realize the producers of the product don't give a damn about what their customers want, and would rather take the funds they've got from your original few months, leaving you in the dirt so that they can recruit other more gamey-types, and continue to steal money from them so that they can easily produce the game that THEY want to play. To hell with everyone else.

The game is about as far from realistic, historical gameplay as exists, and although it presents a large opportunity to gain online friends, thats nothing that can't be accomplished at any chat room on the web. Anyone who is interested in the historical aspects of the war will definetly be turned off by the EXTREME numbers of aircraft (more than 4x the actual historical numbers) and armour (more than 3x). Infantrymen are very few and far between, and spawning one and using it any type of offensive action almost always ends in death by armour or plane.

The naval game is also a joke, destroyers are everywhere, and they camp coastlines blowing the crap out of everything that moves. They can be stopped by almost nothing but ABSURD amounts of bombs and ... (seemingly a glitch) a single TNT satchel placed by a lone infantryman.

Please, don't waste your time with this game. Give it a few years, and maybe then it will be able to present what it originally promised. World War II Online isn't World War II at all.
anonymous · May 12, 2004 - 09:16 EST #36
great game
xl2beerz (game name) · August 13, 2004 - 17:16 EST #37
I've played this game since the release 3yrs ago and haven't stoped yet.. This game is always being updated with patches that bring along new equipment and features.. No game is without problems especially a game as dynamic as this one.. When problems pop up the staff deals with them and puts them to rest..

This year will bring alot of new features that will amaze everyone.. CRS had a great idea when they release this game and are holding true too that idea.. Alot of new things are in store for this game and it will be amazing from CRS has posted on the up an coming ideas..

For you guys that want too know what this game is all about, just download the trial and check it out for yourself, dont listen too these guys that said it sucks!! Trust me, when you get the hang of how the game is played you will find yourself spending alot of time at your computer..

Like a previous player stated, you will start off as a private will little equipment to select from but get out there and make it happen.. Moving up in rank will not take long and you will find yourself being able to select new toys to play with.. Multi crewing tanks,bombers and boats helps out alot..

This game offers alot and will offer more this year with with the next tier vehicles and game features..
Ghennt · August 13, 2004 - 19:58 EST #38
I have played almost every other MMO game out there... Everquest, Dark Age, Star Wars Galaxies since Phase 1 Beta, Anarchy Online, Shadowbane... you name it...

But NONE of those games I could stand playing for more than several months.

I have been playing WW2O for 2 years and a half years and I still play it now. There is no other game like it. In every other game you have a vehicle or unit with hitpoints. Not this game. You have to actually aim at certain parts of a target. Range, distance, balistics all affect if your shot will hit or not.

This is NO quake game. This is not meant for gamers who want instant fun and lots of blood. Its a game that requires you to actually think. It is a true war simulation like no other game out there.

Sure BF1942 and IL2 looks nice and pretty.. much they are tiny arenas compared to what you can do in this game.

The game is tough and requires a lot to learn. But its the best game ive ever played.
jaws909 (game name) · September 16, 2004 - 16:29 EST #39
No game, online or otherwise, has held my constant attention for more then a few months before I get bored and buy something new. Guess what? I just passed the 1 year mark of continuous play of WW2 Online!
dale · September 19, 2004 - 23:21 EST #40
I just got this game a couple of weeks ago. I'm amazed.

It has problems, no game is without them, but so far I haven't encountered a problem that is too much to bare.

And the game is fun. A few days ago we (the Allies) captured the German airbas at Gilze. Since then the area around it has been a hot bed of airpower. The Germans trying to set up CAPs over the airbase and the RAF bombing the crap out of the German front lines.
WWII maybeier · October 17, 2004 - 20:08 EST #41
In an air raid, is it like Battlefield 1942 and have 2 planes involved, or like 75?! Are there a bunch of NPCs, or any?
BiGPiMpN (game name) · November 26, 2004 - 01:29 EST #42
just to know,how many people still play the game????
potato · December 22, 2004 - 18:45 EST #43
WWII maybeier:
only NPC's are AI AAA, AT and MG emplacements around towns that provide minimal defense. They are easily destroyed or avoided.

CRS does not release player stats so it is hard to tell, however most people believe the subscriber base to be in excess of 15,000 with perhaps 1200 people online at any one time. And it is continuing to grow.

NEW PATCH (v1.18):

Mobile spawn points (deploy a truck near town)
4 new planes

And those are just the highlights. I've been playing this game since 6/1/2001 and it gets better with every patch. Patches come out about once every 6-8 weeks.

Try it and see.
DeadGuy... · January 4, 2005 - 01:06 EST #44
is it worth buying instead of Planetside?
anonymous · January 8, 2005 - 08:46 EST #45
Great game.

Much more immersive than Planetside.A variety of ground troops(including paratroopers),30+ different armored vehicles,20+ different airplanes(including alot you wont see in other flight sims,such as the curtis-hawk 75 and dewontaine 520,destroyers and troop transports,anti-tank guns and anti air guns.

Real strategy and real tactics play a role in this game.

I recommend buying it.
Tarkonis · January 11, 2005 - 11:22 EST #46
Hey guys..

There seems to be a pro opinion of this game all over this forum, with the odd bad review. I have a few questions that I hope a veteran can answer for me..

1) Is the game well presented..?

2) I love world war 2 tactics? Are they accuretly modelled.. For example.. do the german's use the blitzkrieg? Is there an early part of the war where the german tactics are vastly better than the french/polish? Or does the game start at D-Day for example.

3) Are bomb runs like IL 2 ? Do you have to cross a large amount of land to target? Are there huge aircraft formations like in the battle of britain for example?

4) How are the teams allocated? Do the russians play a part? Can the germans ally with another nation or are the teams predetermined..


thanks guys!!! Look forward to playing soon..
Shane Crabtree · January 12, 2005 - 01:40 EST #47
I'll try to answer some of the above questions. I've been a playing the game 2 months after the intial start up, and the development of the game the last few years has been amazing.

1) The game as fairly accurate equipment, using the real specs of the weapons such as FPS, blast radius, range, ect.

2) The tactics of the game have been developed by the players. The equipment the german posses is very quick and they do have the ability to over run positions if they rally enough players for a major operation. So I guess I can say a aspect of original tactics are used, but not relied on. the germans in my opinion have better eqiupment to start out with after a reset, and and the campain progresses bet equipment is developed and added. Resets involve opposing sides starting out dead in the center of the map.

3) I love being a pilot and that's what intially attracted me to the game. Some bombing runs can be a long flight if your trying to take out major factories and cripple the equipment output of your foe. Other times, you may have a very close air support mission from your airfield. Generally, there's enough airfields on the map that you don't have to fly to long. I havn't played IL 2 so I can't really compare it, however I've been a part of huge formations of bombers with escorts, and now recently, paratroopers have been added along with a transport plant, so they require tending to as well.

4) Team formation is entirley player driven, it all your choose what side you want to play for and what squad you join. Russians are not in the game yet, however I do know for a fact that the Italians are being developed and the African campain will be out probably before next year.

Just another note, CRS recently broke the 64 visible object limit, so now we're up to 128. That's something that no one has managed to do yet. I'v played the game for years, and despite some of the negatives that you hear (this are usually people who prefer more action than tactics) it's still the game that I get the most enjoyment out of.

Tarkonis · January 12, 2005 - 05:24 EST #48
Thanks Crabtree.. :) Hope to see you in the game soon as I just registered thanks to your glowing report ;)
tarkonis · January 12, 2005 - 05:28 EST #49
btw, has anyone been using the paratroopers? Do they work as intended?
steveo20 · March 22, 2005 - 23:03 EST #50
I started in july 2001 but quit in may 2004 b/c of school. I recently came back and was completely amazed at all the changes. paratroopers are really fun. Someone else flies the plane and your in the back with a bunch of other players waiting to get to town. As soon as your over town you jump out and watch the ground come slowly up to you. You can even see the battle going on beneath you as you desend. Its a great way to get into a town quickly for those that want quicker action. The graphics have improved 1000% although now my geforce3 needs to be upgraded but it still runs with little lag. The new buildings add a great deal of depth. I was hidding in the attic of a house and shooting out a small window when another player(axis) snuck up behind me and shot me. The gunshot was so loud it scared the crap outta me.
One thing about this game that keeps me intriged is the different things there are to do in game. If you get tired of tanking you can jump in a plane and go bomb a factory. Then you can climb in another plane and parachute into a fire fight in town. So much to do you never get bored. Played EQ2 for awhile, got bored of the leveling treadmill.
great game
woolly · April 18, 2005 - 13:33 EST #51

Paratroops are actually used for a variety of purposes; some real-life, others not so much. Paratroops are often used as advance shock troops to take out fortifications and armor ahead of the main force. They are also droppd on enemy occupied towns to support overrun defenders. Lastly, they are dropped behind enemy lines to interdict supply.

It's not always high drama. As a paratroop in a combat area 75% of the time you can be shot before your feet ever touch the ground.

Frustratingly realistic.
anonymous · May 2, 2005 - 21:27 EST #52
cheap?? i dont think its a cheap cuz that game has a lot of bugs
WW2KID (not really name) · May 11, 2005 - 09:28 EST #53
Ok guys!

Yes I am a kid, but I am a freak of World War 2. I can't play this game so can you like give me info like sometimes. Like how battels go and stuff. I just want to know how this goes! It sounds cool but you have to pay for it. Can somebody be my buddy and like tell me stuff! Thanks! USA RULES!

DaveTheRave · May 15, 2005 - 17:14 EST #54
Well i have been into this game since 99 and now its even better than ever!!!

idk what anyone says about this game, if you can para drop over some germans and shoot em up with a machine gun, the game has to be grate!!! But i must admit it has its down time, like when ur about to jump and a 88 shoots a bullet the size of your head through the plane and you go spirleing down to the ground in bloodt shambles, then having to fly back there which takes about 5-10 min. Still you get that real life jump when ur floating through the air at 1 am and all u see is the traces of 88's shooting blindly into the sky.

Hope fully this gives everyone a good idea of how ww2ol plays
woolly · May 30, 2005 - 14:52 EST #55
anonymous: I can see how many people consider the subscription rate as expensive, but claiming it is buggy (and it was, back in the day) is a gross exaggeration. 99% of all bugs have been squashed for the past year.

Dave: I'm sorry, my linguistically challanged friend. The game only launched in late 2000. But your review indicates one of the differences between this game and other WW2 "sims": If you want to stay alive in WW2OL you need to spend 50% of your time planning and not running aroudn like some hopped up Rambo wannabee. that just gets you dead. A lot.
anonymous · August 29, 2005 - 02:39 EST #56
game launched june6 2001
its still buggy as heck
Drakious · September 1, 2005 - 13:56 EST #57
I have been playing since 2001. With work and school, I have had to take breaks away from the game, but never had I had a lapse in my subscription. The fact is, there is no game out there that can even begin to compare to WWII Online.

When I first started playing with my friend in April of 2001, I spent hours just wandering around the countryside, learning the game. I took me three weeks before I got my first kill. I can remember it like it happened yesterday. Playing as Axis, I was crouched in the corner of a burned out building, steadying my rifle, when a French Sub Machine Gunner crawled right past me. I totally freaked out, and fired 5 shots into him. I've been hooked ever since.

The game has evolved overtime, the graphics, while not perfect, are still more than adequate to immerse you into the battle, and the sound effects are almost too realistic.

While setting up in a sniper position, I could hear tanks roaring by while aircraft where dropping bombs and machine gun fire is spraying all over the place. A tank fires on me, the realistic sound of the shell impacting the ground near by resonated through my chest. I was so busy concentrating on tracking an enemy infantry for the perfect kill, that I didn't hear the enemy unit sneaking in behind me. When he fired, I jumped, screaming like a little girl.

There isn't enough space for me to adequately describe the sensations realized while playing this game. It is just one of those things that you have to experience.
Tzulscha (Game Name) · October 1, 2005 - 01:06 EST #58
As you can see from the preceding reviews, WWIIOL provokes strong feelings among both its fans and detractors.

Fans tend to be people who are willing to spend some time and effort to accomplish their mission. Some of this time and effort is not even in the game server. Our High Commands spend hours of their own offline time planning weapons developement strategies as well as theatre wide operations which are then implemented by the Player run Squads.

Not happy with High Commands decisions? Think you can do better? Then apply for a commission and you too can know the massive amount of detail that goes into planning each campaign.

I am one of those hard core fans. A player since June 2001, I have never played ANY game this long nor this enthusiastically. As to the cost, at 47 cents for 24 hours of gameplay, I spend more on one can of soda pop. How much did the last movie you went to cost?

The learning curve is steep and if you don't have the patience to climb it, you may become frustrated. This is one of the many reasons why Squads are a vital part of this game. Running around by yourself playing Rambo is almost certain to get you killed. A lot.
Teamplay will allow you to hold off or overrun any number of lone Rambo types.
Even if you don't join a squad, High Command instructions and calls to arms are regularly broadcast on the chat channels where everyone can read them and join the operation. There are even help channels where other players are standing by to answer any questions you might have.

Beginners start with the most basic equipment. With experience however you can fairly rapidly gain access to the more advanced peices of equipment. Again, your squadmates can help!

There are games out there with better graphics and effects, but WWIIOL breaks away from the shoebox shooters with its absolutely massive map and its incredibly detailed gameplay.
No Bots, No NPCs, No Clones, No Hit points or Hit boxes, No Hacks or Cheats, If you see ANYTHING moving on this massive map, land, sea or air, then somewhere in the real world (and our players are from ALL over the real world), someone is moving it, and if he sees you before you see him.........

Do YOUR Part for the War Effort! Join World War Two Online Today!
Mattythewelshman · October 3, 2005 - 11:58 EST #59
Hi, ive been watching this game for nearly a year now and it looks really cool. So i decided to download it off the main site since my m8 said u can download it and play it offline for free. So thats what i did but 3 quaters of the way through loading it seems to crash to the desktop ive reinstalled it and everything. But i cant seem to get it to work can anyone help.
Former Fanboy · December 29, 2005 - 21:01 EST #60
I was formerly a huge fan of this game. At one time it was not at all uncommon for me to play all weekend, all night, non-stop.

Unfortuanately it has passed its prime and then some. At this point you have a few die-hards playing and a few new players known as "green tags" that just bought the re-release. Other than that it is a huge, empty game world.

The latest release was received so badly that a number of long-time players have decided to walk forcing CRS to lay off staff. This is especially telling considering the formerly almost fanatical loyalty of the fan-base. People have simply given up hope that this will turn into what we all hoped it would.

It has devolved into a contest pitting stopwatches for table timers, and minute attention to the exact order flags are captured in order to take advantage of a rule set that has nothing to do with World War II combat and everything to do with manipulating poorly thought out game logic. In short, what made it fun at one point has vanished.

I'm sorry to say that can can no longer recommend this game to anyone.
JR · January 9, 2006 - 06:53 EST #61
As a true member of the US Forces, someone who studied about World War II, I know what I am talking about, here are my words;

A few years ago I was also interested in this game, because AT THE TIME Playnet had told us "fans" that we would fight in Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Africa and more in realism squad-based operations, what a LIE!
After years and years they're still playing on the same dumb ugly map of half Western Europe and half of the players are fighting on their own like little stupid school girls running and creeping in a darn wheat field.
And after all these years (when it was supposed to BE patched) there's still a 2 to 4 seconds (YES FOUR!)delay between shoot-kill... how can you have such a terrible delay like that in a strategy-simulation game? that's non-sense.
They call the game "World War II" Online when it has nothing and I mean NOTHING to do with World War II except the fact that units wear authentic uniforms... ooh wow.

Graphics still sucks it's nothing new, but this game is not a strategy-simulation, it is an action-RPG game, period.

There's a time I would have, but now I definitely NOT recommend this game to anyone.
Frantish · January 9, 2006 - 10:16 EST #62

Your mannerism makes it hard for me to belive you are from the "US Forces". And if you are, your use of low class language language and grammar makes me worry about the quality of "US Forces"!

Their is no "Sim" on the market that comes close to the environment WW2 Online provides! Their are respective categories that are better (IL-2 for air, Rainbow 6 and the like for hand to hand), but tell me of any that are so vast! And it is CONSTANTLY being improved, FOR NO COST TO THE PLAYER ONCE THEY PURCHASE THE KEY!

I do not know of another subscription based game that puts the effort to improve everything in the game, not just do bug fixes and add new 'arenas'. And the graphics are very good for size of map. This is NOT an arena, but a real WORLD.

However JR is correct that in recent months the promise of the game is falling short. It is not for lack of trying,

WW2 Online still has huge potential, and I am not giving up on it yet!
Don't expect an exact real-world experience, and you will get hooked!
Paul Kneer · January 12, 2006 - 13:30 EST #63
hi im paul and id like to say im a ww2 fanatic and i also love mmo so i typed in mmofps and hit search and i got this game which i cant wait to buy and play cus of how much more realistic it is than bf1942 but i have a few questions.

1.can you fly a plane when you first start or do you have to wait? the U.S in the game or if it isnt is it coming in a patch sometime later?
3.are there aircraft carriers for the sea or is it again gonna come in a patch? the game eventualy cover the whole ww2 battle grounds like the pacific african and any other theatres?
sammyuel · January 17, 2006 - 02:10 EST #64
no aircraftcarriers yet but, only playing in europe atm,you can fly,go allied for "easy mode" ,the german team wins more though because of it older player base an players tend to work more together ,instead of the cowboy atitude of the greater numbered allied players,and watch as the player base drops from the allied and goes to playing axis as the map swings in the axis favor,then it is a walk through the park as the usually allied players spawn as axis thats why axis usually wins, I am an axis Only player and can see with mine own two eyes as the player base grows with names that you usually dont see on a constant basis. but oh well the game is an awsome sumulator compared to bf or bf2 and the like, which are home version arcade games. join the free trial and see for yourself,but be warned the game is a resorce hog
talon5 · January 24, 2006 - 16:24 EST #65
This game is passed it prime and is no longer fun. It's more of a high command political war with the "Good old Boys" running the show. First hand experiance shows that even if you are in a command position there is that corp that has it's own agenda and does what it wants reguardless. I was a first day player abut have unsubbed both my accounts. CRS doesnt listen to the player base and continues to make bad decissions with its patches. Adding more eye candy to shut up the player base instead of fixing the problems that are causing the loss of their player base. I seriously doubt this game will live one more year.
galaxitaxi · February 6, 2006 - 16:46 EST #66
I agree with Talon5 and JR.
The game started with a good new idea but the developers spoilt it.It needs to be restarted with a new game developer-company.

Ups and downs wwiionline:

Unstable game servers,
Terrible damage modeling(infantry can kill armored car crew with his rifle),
Exploits (yes game has exploits,game crashes when you are in middle of something),
Clipper players,(tanks and infantry can kill you behind walls, somehow)
Bugs(yes tons of bugs like silent db7 bombers, invisible units)
I started the game playing with 5-20 fps I never had a chance to fly.Because dirty game code worked good and I learned that a couple of months later.Then I got 50 fps.
This game needs 1 gig ram not less.
The game developer expects from players to play same map for ten years(meaning there is no another theatre-scenario)
There isn't enough useful manual or help docs.Only community-squad sites provide some helpful docs.
The developer seems to be a little on the Allied side, you can't see end of Axis campaing with Battle of Britain, they reset servers immediately.
Limited naval activity,no subs and carriers.
Unhistorical equipment in game. Shermans, Stuarts on French side, Churchils on British side in 1942.
Developer explains that, this was included in land and lease program.
No other strategic targets, only towns and bridges.
Mission menus and rules sucks.You get limited info from menus and maps.
They have a training server but it's dosen't has trainer all times for teaching.
Updates and patchs have trouble, they make the game go worse
They don't fix anything you report.Map has blackholes and unvisible walls, blocked fbs; you can't get out of them.
There is multi crew option for vehicles but it doesn't work very well.
The last thing, developer tries make money out of their beta game, it is not ready for marketing.
You can meet good friends all over the world.
This game is unique.It gives good experience and idea for future multiplayer gaming.
ww2addict · February 8, 2006 - 11:32 EST #67
Best game ever...
I play it since 3 years, know, he s got some bugs and problem, but it s the only one who can give you a such experience in gaming !

Please make a new review with all the new features !
nick · February 20, 2006 - 08:52 EST #68
wow this game is awsome shure it could be better but i still play all the time
KG Wiking · March 8, 2006 - 05:48 EST #69
This game is still the best out there and the only one I have been plying consistenly for 3½ years now.
Steep learning curve, average age 30+ and unique gameplay. Still not for the fainthearted, as seen in this forum, either ppl love it or hate it :P

Recent patches have pushed it more towards "deployment" where equipment can only be spawned where there are brigade units, there is not 700+ inf 30+ tanks 50+ guns in each small belgian village anymore. Which also makes it very important where the High Command moves the brigades.
The new strategic level have made the game more challenging to be in the HC and still provides a lot of action for the players though the strategic level is still only half finished.

But try to join a squadnight with 70+ squadies, raping some nmy town with a detailed plan and groups of players doing their part everywhere, coordinated by officers on TS, is amazing !!!

troubled player · March 11, 2006 - 22:11 EST #70
hey guys well i have purchased world war 2 online about 5 months ago for mac. But I have never benn able to get it working. I created an acount on playnet and tried to join the fight but it wouldnt let me.

I tried to get it set up again but when i went to and it had changed to world war 2 online battle ground europe. so iam just wondering will I have to repurchase the game to play it?

Any suggestions?
Brolan · April 26, 2006 - 00:28 EST #71
Sammyuel makes no sense at all above; he calls the Allies "easy mode" but in the same sentence says the Axis wins more. In fact, the Axis wins almost all the time. The Axis is the real "easy mode" because of the all the historical quality advantages they have. The Allies historical advantage of superior numbers are eliminated by the deployment system they have.
longtimeplayer · May 13, 2006 - 01:25 EST #72
I don't recommend this game anymore. I recruited over 330 players to this game and now I'm sorry I ever did. CRS is to blame for that. There are ways to fix this game but they are on their own destructive course. Sorry fellows... but after several years of playing, it only continues to go down and I'm sorry for that. I really had high hopes and would love for it to be something fun to do once again. Those of you who love it will love it as I did until you play for a long time and see what myself and others are talking about.
Grantt · June 16, 2006 - 16:33 EST #73


the programmers need to be drawn and quartered. at first glance playing this is the best thing since sliced bread. once you actually pay attention to how bugged and screwed up it is the game is very aggrvating.

list of retarded gameplay

a british grenadier with rifle grenades can kill all axis tanks.

i hit a british ATG with 4 hand grenades and shot the person twice as he moved around in circles in front of me then despawned

buildings are no cover, you still get shot inside of them from time to time.

vetern players use exploits to look through walls and see people coming when you cant see them.

tank shells hitting in buildings and around an area do not kill troops, you basically have to score a direct hit.

a tank is not really armor, sometimes rounds from one type of tank will bounce of every time then other times the first round will pierce the tank.

the 50mm axis ATG goes in circles constantly and doesnt stop when you let go of the controls.

the movment for gun sights is to blocky and hard to set up an accurate shot at long range(x and y axis control issue).

troops bleed and there are no medics.

and the list could go on and on and on.


anonymous · June 21, 2006 - 18:27 EST #74
I played for Over two years and stopped playing over a year ago. Recently I came back to see the new and improved "brigade spawning" and its a joke. There is no organization or team concept anymore. I agree with the above in that it can be fixed, but the Rats just arent going to cut the mustard. Great potential, horrible management.
anonymous · June 28, 2006 - 07:39 EST #75
Played it for 2 years and i stop playing it. RATS have made this game to rely on high command players. Problem is not enouph tool are given to those players plus it make it looks like a job for them than a fun game.

Result many left, very very few to do the job which affect all the players. If you an arcade person you just pick a tank or a rifle and try to kill something but people who care about realism, stradegy etc. its a huge problem and drawback.

Also CRS is being favoring 1 site a lot latelly cause the other side had too many wins. Result they have create such conditions that its imposible for the other side to win. In other word they push 1 site or the other to win.

See they have RDP, which is the research of the new weapons etc. They keep the cost and how the thing work hidden from the players. This is on purpose so they can control and provide adv. to one side or the other according to who they think they should win.

That interference on the play game and introducing patches where it will affect your game play severlly for long period of times have made me stop playing.

Unfortunetlly there is no other game out there similar to it but then again enouph is enouph and I do not want to waste my money.
Hoohah · August 14, 2006 - 01:29 EST #76
If you enjoy realism, pay 25 dollars ONCE for Red Orchestra.

Red Orchestra is the BOMBAY!
Drakious · August 16, 2006 - 13:59 EST #77
Well, I am one of the few, to have maintained a subscription to this game since it first started up years and years ago. I was drawn to the concept of a full WWII simulation, and I along with 6 of my closest friends jumped on board.

The game has come a long way since the first release. I remember when all axis players were blondes.... (just like Hitler wanted) I remember when all buildings, trees, and other objects were all 2D. The game play has improved; graphics have improved, as have sound effects, and all the other elements that bring realism to the game.

I'll admit that I'd take a few months off from playing this game from time to time. Usually, I'd quit around October, and then in December I'd hear about some great new feature added to the game that brought me back. (Destroyers, Paratroopers, and Snipers just to name a few.)

I think that this game is still fun. Depots and mobile spawns do a great job of engaging the axis and allies in combat quickly. No more 20 minute truck rides! However, there is one negative aspect to the game. I am not too fond of the player controlled element. Incorporated into brigade spawning was what I felt as a loss of control of how I wanted to play. I was the leader of a small group of elite players. We specialized in capturing enemy towns. However, once the brigade spawning was added, only high command could post attack orders on towns.... and if none of them were available to order that attack, the town could not be captured.

I like focusing on making war. It's what I do. I am not about to take orders from some 14 year old kid that is off on summer vacation. I'd prefer to choose whom to follow into battle based off of my prior experiences with them.

Give me my panzer, a few good men, and the ability to choose my target, and the axis will prevail.

I'd still give this game a 8 out of 10 rating. I still eagerly read up on all the weekly newsletters, telling me about the new features coming to the game. I'm looking forward to weather, and battlefield clutter. I hope I live long enough to see U-boats. When that day comes, I plan to retire, and dedicate the rest of my life to hunting down allied convoys. WOOT.
zakkirei · September 21, 2006 - 14:06 EST #78
its the greatest game ihave ever played
rubbish · October 20, 2006 - 18:56 EST #79
A lot of people criticise this game because they don't take the time to learn how it works.

Quite often they assume that it is merely a game like bf1942 transplanted to a persistant environment with many more players.

Guys, the thing to remember is that THIS IS NOT A SHOOT EM UP GAME. Far from it. If you think of it as a hardcore simulation rather than a shoot 'em up then you'll have a better idea of what to expect.

To address some complaints made by someone who obviously played the game for five minutes and was crap at it (everybodys crap at it to begin with btw):


a british grenadier with rifle grenades can kill all axis tanks

A british rifle grenadier can indeed kill all axis tanks bar the tiger. This is because the historical data shows that the brit HEAT rounds (thats armour piercing explosive btw) could in fact penetrate the hulls of the modelled axis tanks in certain places. Once again, this is based on actual data, not your shoot em up assumption of what is and isn't possible.

i hit a british ATG with 4 hand grenades and shot the person twice as he moved around in circles in front of me then despawned

There is no death animation for the ATG crews so you may or may not have killed them. Admittedly most of the ATG damage models are a little weird and are on the 'to do' list. With practice you can kill them all very very easily as a rifleman.

buildings are no cover, you still get shot inside of them from time to time

If you died inside a building then its because an enemy inside shot you, or someone outside shot you through a window. Buildings are actually much harder cover than they should be - they will stop any kind of incoming round until they are destroyed.

vetern players use exploits to look through walls and see people coming when you cant see them

Lies. There are no substantiated instances of this ever happening.

tank shells hitting in buildings and around an area do not kill troops, you basically have to score a direct hit

The US military has spent many millions of dollars trying to accurately model HE and failed. It's unrealistic, but just as unrealistic as having some fantasy system where a set amount of damage gets applied to whatever is in 'range'. The new stat HE is better than the old system - not perfect, but better.

a tank is not really armor, sometimes rounds from one type of tank will bounce of every time then other times the first round will pierce the tank

Hahaha. This game doesn't deal with damage radiuses, hitboxes or hitpoints - for example you can shoot a tiger tank frontally with a 2lber gun literally a thousand times and not kill it - a 2lb shell is simply incapable of penetrating a tigers frontal armour. Flank to its side or rear where the armour is thinner and you might stand a chance.
You simply had the misfortune to not know the tank you were up against and the limitations of your gun.

the 50mm axis ATG goes in circles constantly and doesnt stop when you let go of the controls

No. You either set your controls up incorrectly or have a faulty joystick.

the movment for gun sights is to blocky and hard to set up an accurate shot at long range(x and y axis control issue)

Assign the sight axes to your mouse, not the joystick. It is deadly accurate once you have done this. This another thing that makes the learning curve very, very steep for new guys - we've all been playing for ages and have our controls tweaked just the way we want them and new guys are still using the joystick to try and aim. I actually prefer the way red orchestra does turret rotation from a gameplay perspective, but using the mouse is probably more true to the accuracy that could be achieved in real life.
Once you get your first armour kill where you were patient and outwitted your opponent I guarantee you'll be punching the air and shouting like a twat :)

troops bleed and there are no medics

Indeed. I understand that in real life most people bleed when shot, they don't take a reduction in hitpoints and then keep on trucking. Medics in the sense you are thinking of them will never happen in this game - a quick wave of the medpack (whatever that is) and you're right as rain again. The devs have too few resources and too little time to be concentrating on something as inconsequential as medics.

You tried the game for a week.

You got your ass handed to you on a silver platter repeatedly.

So you decided to bitch and moan about it without understanding how it works.

This game is very, very hard. Anyone who plays it will tell you that straight off. But it's because of that difficulty that it is also so incredibly rewarding - in every combat encounter you are up against another (or several) humans - probably just as smart as you and as well practiced in their chosen unit. If you succeed it is a truly squishy warm feeling.

It's also the only MMOG game where veteran players are on an equal footing with day one players in terms of equipment (although experience counts for so much more) - no extra hitpoints, special items or powerups. Just you, me, and a rifle each.

It's by no means perfect but it's continually evolving and always fun to play.


JOIN A SQUAD!!!!!!!!

You can leave anytime you want, but a squad will help explain the game to you, take you on more interesting missions and actively help you to rank up quicker. Being in a squad makes the game at least twice as good as being on your own, even if you only log in now and again.
Indo420 · October 21, 2006 - 00:29 EST #80
Still playing. I'm a day one player. this is the 5th year for the game. Much has been added and improved. more tanks planes new infantry textures and movement. TOE's and more are coming soon.
Krakkon · October 21, 2006 - 19:53 EST #81
World War II Online is and always will be, the closest thing to a real virtual War you will find anywhere.

WWIIOL is not just a game.WWIIOL is its own genra.nowhere else can you find a game that evolves as you play.WWIIOL is very stable,way more than people give credit for.shure there are bugs,right now we have an issue where some people lose connection.but overall performance is up.its the nature of an evolving game.and once you get used to it,thats when you (like thousands before you) get hooked.

WWIIOL is so real,morale has a huge impact on the war, just like you would expect.when morale is high,you have big (when i say big,i mean 100+ people on one side alone)glorious attacks that take territory.when morale drops,you suffer desperate retreating defense actions with high attrition/desertion rates.there are days when everything goes right,and days you die as you spawn.

WWIIOL has something for everyone.our mobile spawns with riflemen,anti-tank riflemen,snipers,smg's,lmg's,grenadiers (rifle propelled grenades),engineers (satachel charges)and paratroopers (smg's with extra ammo),somewhat satisfy the instant action cravers,we have an array of tanks and armored cars for the tanker fans,towed anti-tank/anti-aircraft guns,fighter planes and bombers for the flyboys,detroyers and riverboats for navy types.

the 350,000 square mile play area has hundreds of towns modelled so a campaigne takes weeks to play.
tom wheeler · November 19, 2006 - 03:20 EST #82
I love finding out about world war 2
armyao · November 22, 2006 - 12:59 EST #83
this game rules.. no other game comes close to comparing. try it. what other choices do mac users have for this type of game anyway?
shawn tyler thomas · December 16, 2006 - 22:05 EST #84
looks cool
Nelson · December 31, 2006 - 13:50 EST #85
I don't think this game can be played anywhere anymore...I have been looking...anyone know where it can be played online?
Luis · January 21, 2007 - 20:14 EST #86
Personaly, I have been playing this game for 2 years now and I am addicted to it. I particularly like it because it is played in real time. Unfortunately it has it's drawbacks as well. I started playing with a low end computer and was able to move about without any lag whatsoever. As new patches are introduced it has been slowing the game down quite a lot lately. The only recommendation that anyone gets is that "you need a high end cpu, sound card, video card ect." Well that is all fine if you are a serious gamer. But there are many folks just like me I am sure who just don't have the money to spend on a new gameing computer. The only complaint I have is the lag. This affects everything in the game wether you are infantry, navy or flying a plane. Even the players online make comments on how bad their lag has been getting lately from bad to worse. It's like playing in s-l-o-w m-o-t-i-o-n. Also, there is no direct help whatsoever where you can send e-mail too. The time I did request help I got a response saying please visit the game forum. All of the help is from the players themselves. I think the game developers should focus more on fixing the technical difficulties and how the players can actually enjoy playing the game instead of figureing out which weapons will be added or deleted to the game and/or enhancements. With all this said I do highly recommend WWII Online if you have a computer that can handle it. My membership expires in November. I will continue to play the game off and on. If no improvements are made with the lag situation I will cancel my membership and look to playing another battle game online.
Risk · March 5, 2007 - 08:17 EST #87
I have been playing Computergames since the Amiga times and i must say this is truly the best game i ever played in my life...
Jimbo · April 28, 2007 - 10:01 EST #88
I still can't believe that zoom view on trees cuts the frame rate down by 2/3rds or more. You'd think theyd fix that by now.

Many other things that are wrong with this game.
joey · May 29, 2007 - 06:09 EST #89
I love WW2 online, its the most fun ive had in like for ever specialy once you join a squad that fights together and not LW ww2 online is the best game there is, i reckon only problem is lag, i cant fly bombers with out getting lag and that sucks when your in HC for R.A.F.
Snuffy03 · November 19, 2007 - 10:49 EST #90
I played this game about a year ago and loved it.. I stopped paying for the sub and stopped until 2 days ago. Back into the swing of things and it is a great game..Sure some things annoy me but its benefits are much better than its downfalls. I have been a pilot for the allies for the past 2 days and love it. There is nothing better than dogfighting with a group over an enemy territory trying to avoid flak and take out EA's

My only gripe so far is that I cant seem to find a good flight tutorial online to help me out with my shooting skills.. Like how far to lead the target etc..
bazboss · February 20, 2008 - 11:35 EST #91
I have just discovered this game and I have ordered the CD. I will be patching to latest level and entering WW2 online asap. It is the ww2 game every ww2 game fan wants, this game needs to get more market exposure!!!
me · February 29, 2008 - 10:43 EST #92
If there would be real professionals developing it, it would be good.

Years of bugs, mishaps, empty promises...

Not to mention poor ISP providers for that company, wich means poor pings and continuous packet loss.

And the real deal.

"he 350,000 square mile play area has hundreds of towns modelled so a campaigne takes weeks to play."

That's 350,000 square mile of play area with around 200 players online.

Weekends there is around 500 players at server at peak time.

Far from MMO. Fights are small and short. Maybe 1-2 fights in a week wich could be called as battle.

UI sucks, modeling new equipment is slower than my grandmom in running track.

Don't bother to waste your time on this.
ultradumbass · April 5, 2008 - 23:06 EST #93
i hope you guys do not mind me adding. but reading the pages from years ago, people seemed to be excited of the game, than suddenly in the last year and a half the popularity goes down. today i was going to try it out, cause someone told me the size of the arena is literally the size of north eastern europe, but when i registered, something went wrong and i never figured how to get the 14 day free trial, so i decided not to bother figuring out how, and i guess i will have to look for a new war game to get into, since the ones i been playing for several years like age of empires are getting boring after 2 years.
GunterK · May 31, 2008 - 11:40 EST #94
I got into this game with my clan as we normally play Red Orchestra.
I tried it about a year ago and could really accept the fact you had to pay every month to play, but I tried it again and its highly worth it. The latest update to the game was in january 2008, and a new one is coming up fixing and adding to the game.

All the training I went through to learn how to drive fly, and shoot made the game alot more exciting, I really enjoy the RPG aspect of it as you earn rank and more abilities in the game based on what u do and your performance.
My clan(12 guys)
have formed our own squad in the game having our own uniqie tags like the other squads in the game. I have recently have been working with the devs to give them feedback and ideas for improving the game as I have some WW2 knowledge.

For those contemplating getting into the game either new or from a previous time, its definately worth it!
tt · June 18, 2008 - 12:13 EST #95
this game is not worth the money

i used to play when it was new and i tryed it this year its not any better than playing top down game! Most of the new games are much better and atleast they have more fun things to do operation flashpoint 1985 you can do ww2 and atleast its more real! than WW2 online
Lethal ingagement · July 25, 2008 - 21:50 EST #96
It is late july of 2008! The 1.29 patch is going to be released containing a whole new engine (Unity 2) and Cornered Rat Software is also adding a few more planes. This game is amazing... Tons of action, friendly players, awesome gameplay... What i love about this game so much is CRS. Those guys will talk to you 1 on 1 and actually take in your idea's and suggestions. It's just an amazing game that you guys should try. You get a 14-day free trial so give it a shot!!
wwiionline link
Don't rate this game on the screenshots in here. The graphics are MUCH better!!!
DB Dron · September 16, 2008 - 19:44 EST #97
I have been playing this since 2001 with small breaks inbetween. The work the rats have done since inception is nothing short of amazing and we the players get a lot of input into what should happen....Way to go RATS!
If you are new to this game, take a few weeks before deciding how you feel about it. it is immersive and very challenging!
Being part of an active squad is key. Team involvment increases the reality level 10 fold. See the 111th Rangers (Allied)

Off to war!!

Red · November 13, 2008 - 00:05 EST #98
The game sucks...Buggy piece of junk, even after seven years out lol.

They scream 'realism' at you, but then you go and see your heavy tanks blown up by small caliber HE (high explosive) rounds, not AP rounds. Bugs, bugs, bugs.

Massive amount of area ingame, but due to the AO (attack order) system, they try and cram everyone into 1 or 2 (usually 1) large battle, and due to seven year old code you lag...People with up to date machines, brand new machines, etc, that play the latest games flawlessly lag on this mess of a game. So, all that huge playing area is moot.

Hardly any players on at all during non-US timezone primetimes.

Try it the next free trial, dont take my word for it. Go see for yourself what a mess this game is, lol.
D · December 13, 2008 - 11:27 EST #99
-Lag. I have to agree on the 7 year old code. Update it!!

-It's bugged (Ingame map - is white and has to load in first, after 10 secs or so it comes up)

- Clipping errors (So much for realism .. I spawned in a couple of times to find my character below ground .. Buildings disappear but you're able to see everybody and shoot everybody)
Mark · December 31, 2008 - 12:58 EST #100
can someone tell me (post here) how many people play this game and how many are from the EU area? i dont really fancy buying and paying for a month when noone plays it during EU times.
kulik · January 1, 2009 - 15:42 EST #101
I tried this game and found 3 big problems.

1) Composition of the fighting force: You would expect that there would be manny infantry and couple of armour and guns. Well, guess what, everyone is spawning as a tank or gun. The infantry itself is about 20-50% of the force whitch usualy means about 5-25 infantry man per battle. ...unbalanced.

2)Composition of the infantry. From the couple of guys that are playing infantry is everybody wielding LMG, sniper rifle or AT rifle and there are wery few riflemans and SMG guys. They should be the core of the force!

3)Teamwork. The prefered tactic is to silently infiltrate capture point and start spawning your army inside the city. Once the battle starts the game turns to quake inside the city. There are single soldiers running around and others camping. Well, camping is totaly fine if you look from the window or bush on some ground and try to kill enemies going through it, but most people camping on spots with no value (door entrances, steairs...) and just trying to get some kills. ...boring. This could be fixed by motivating (or forcing, like no xp per kills) infantry to hold together in squads. Then the camping would turn to deffending perhaps ambushing whitch would be more realistic and would create more intense firefights.

Im not loosing hope and will give this game a try in a couple of months again.
SSix · October 12, 2009 - 16:57 EST #102
This is an amazing game. I have had my account going since November 2001 and will not stop playing this game. CRS are a great group of Developers and do take in peoples ideas.

If you are looking for a Tactical FPS MMO then this is what you have been looking for. Just make sure you join a squad to get the full effect! 505th Panzer Division (AXIS) if you would like a good large squad.

Yeah it has bugs here and there but what MMO does not have bugs and you can't really compare any other game or MMO becuase nothing else out there is of this scale, when it comes to realism and the damage Models!

Yes if this game had a larger developer it may have more money and faster updates but you get to comprimse the issue of SOE like companies stepping in and firing all the head developers that have been around from the start and we will loose everything this game is all about. I would gladly tack slower development and the game that I want then faster development and the game run into the ground by SOE!

Give the game a shot! Its not a huge game when it comes to people. This is to the guy that was complaining about only having 500 People on at a high population portion of the day. Every game has to start some where and this type of game is not as popular as many others just becuase of the very steep learning curve.

Its a nitch Game in my opinion. I play ARMA 2 and Operation Flashpoint as well and these cannot compare in sheer size.

Just try and it and give it a few weeks and make sure to join a Squad. Dont let the few bad reviews outway the many good reviews!

Oh and the Pictures are very out Dated. Infact very soon they should be updated again with the Game Engine that should be out very soon!
Christian · November 14, 2009 - 15:34 EST #103
This game reminds me very much of my deployment in Afghanistan. This is the only game that has simulated combat the way it really is. In every other shooter, you always see your enemies. In this World War II online, YOU ALMOST NEVER SEE THE ENEMY. That's how combat really is. You never see the enemy except for a few muzzle flashes. Then you use tracer fire to mark up the area and start firing on the enemy's position.

This game does it's best to simulate true combat that can still relate to today's combat. Especially the way the Infantry coordinate with Pilots to take out tanks, Infantry, Anti-tank guns, etc. I would invite you all to visit battle ground europe's website and see what they're doing to the game.

CRS is going to add in RAG DOLL EFFECTS! They're also going to improve the tracer fire ( holy crap the night battles will look so real) and will add in weather. Thunderstorms and rain will be added for variety during game play. There are many more improvements to the upcoming patch and it just proves that CRS does indeed care about their game and are trying very hard to make it the best there is.

I invite you all to try it and for any of you old timers that quit, join us again once the patch is released. I promise you WILL NOT REGRET IT. CRS is a very dedicated company. That's all I have to say.
Dave · November 17, 2009 - 04:57 EST #104
If you're patient and enjoy simulations and WW2 era games then get Battleground Europe. Once you get a grip on it (which takes some time) there is truly nothing else like it. Try the 14 day trial, and find out if this game is for you. You won't be dissapointed.
h · March 26, 2010 - 05:27 EST #105
meh. Tried this game. You get to start in a sucky plane, with worse guns and armour, worse turning and slower speed against vastly more experienced players. Not supprisingly you die over and over.

Or maybe you will start as a rifleman, and get sniped from 1 mile without even seeing the enemy. or a tank and get shot instantly.

This is fun for the people with the good gear who have been playing for a long time. But new players unsub pretty quick.

Shame, because its a good idea for a game, just badly thought through implementation.
D · November 12, 2010 - 17:22 EST #106
First started in 2003... unsubbed 2005 came back in 2007 unsubbed after 2 days... same in 2009 again in 2010.

Why did i keep coming back. This game had fantastic potential, and went horribly wrong, every time i came back... it was worse than before, poor graphics, lag, game coding same bugs and issues that were around 7 years ago. Bad HC and brigade spawning Ao system. The balance is a joke, again accredited to poor game programming and the idiots that claim that the Rats listen to the player base are obviously HC.

Reality · May 23, 2011 - 15:26 EST #107
Don't waste your time, nor your money, on Cornered Rat Software/Blitzkrieg Europe/World War II Online. Their game coding is antiquated and far too many game bugs persist to this very day.

Yes, that is right, bugs/issues have persisted for nearly ten years now and more are introduced with each patch.

I'd list all the issues I'm talking about but the list is far too long to post in a comment blog.

Save your money and DO NOT PAY Cornered Rat Software a single dime for their beta game.

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