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ATPM 4.05
May 1998


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Welcome to the latest issue of About This Particular Macintosh (ATPM). We've been expecting you! Please come inside our humble e-zine and make yourself comfortable. We have many exciting things on this month's pages. Before you begin your self-guided tour, please take a moment and visit our welcome page. It's a mix of unique news and rather interesting views...

Where's The Beef?
Attendees of Apple's recent annual shareowners meeting were treated to tiny tidbits of information about upcoming products and technologies. The company just announced the new PowerBook G3s and the revolutionary iMac. Frankly, we'd like a bit more info to go with our Allegro. Apple has promised to reveal its software strategy at this month's World Wide Developers Conference, but we'd like to know what plans they may have for sub-$1,000.00 computers.

Apple's $55 million second fiscal quarter profit did add a little "meat" to its bare bones balance sheet, but we think hardware news should be a little less "rare" even if the last six months have been very "well done."

Ed and the Bermuda Archipelago (Part III)
...or What's "INIT" for us?
Households with two or more children know a little something about sibling rivalry. Ed's house is no exception. Hammerli, the fierce Lhaso Apso that guards Ed's computer work, has always been a little jealous of the attention given to Schep, the family Border Collie. Schep, in turn, wouldn't mind some of the "creature comforts" bestowed upon Hammerli. Schep's been known to "borrow" Hammerli's Rin-Tin-Tin floor pillow. In turn, Hammermerli's been known to hide Schep's red rubber "squeaky" toy.

While Schep was searching the neighborhood for evidence of Ed's whereabouts, Hammerli was attempting to hide the red squeaky toy inside his master's left bowling shoe. Although he has long hair, Hammerli will never be confused with a tall dog. His lack of "jaw clearance" means Ed's bowling shoe was left on its side in the middle of the closet. Mary found the shoe and discovered more than the squeaky toy. Stuffed inside the shoe was a wadded piece of paper from Al's Bowlorama and Banquet Hall. It was a lost ATPM trivia column. Ed's between frames handiwork can be found in this issue!

Meanwhile, Schep came trotting home with a note of a different kind. Near the Apple tree where Ed would sit and program his Newton, Schep found the following cryptic note:

Secret Message of DingBats

Does it hold clues to Ed's whereabouts? Please tune in next month for "Schep's Revenge."

Leggo My Allegro
We think it's time Apple released Allegro to the common folk! The announced enhancements, which includes a lot more native PowerPC code, makes this forthcoming Mac OS upgrade a definite "must have" for everyday Mac enthusiasts (including the ATPM staff).

Allegro will be the demarcation point for owners of 680x0 series Macs. This is one reason we'd like Apple to make known its hardware plans. The company has stated it expects near-term sales momentum to be fueled by existing Mac owners who upgrade their machines. The sooner owners of older Macs can make upgrade plans the better.

Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree
Don't sit under the Apple tree with anyone else but me. This was ATPM staffer Tom Iovino's plea the night he and his future wife became engaged. Now married and living in a home of their own, we're happy to say their relationship has been...fruitful. Dominic Louis Iovino was born to the happy couple in April. Congratulations, Tom & Rhonda!

It's Apple Blossom Time
Spring is in the air and the days are getting longer. It's a wonderful time of year to find your own apple tree, sit beneath its delicate blossoms, and enjoy our latest issue. Sir Isaac had a good idea. But if anything falls on your head while reading our e-zine (figuratively speaking) please pass it along to our staff. We can be reached at: <>.

Thanks for your support!

The ATPM StaffApple

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