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ATPM 4.05
May 1998


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Trivia Challenge

by Edward Goss,

Do you Know What’s INIT?

If you are like me, you wake up early in the morning to download that large file you just have to get (we all know that it's quiet online at 5 AM). Before the coffee kicks in, the startup process on your Mac is just a blur. Now is the time to see how much attention you've been paying to those little icons that flash along the bottom of your screen. Yes, it's just you and your system folder, it's 5 AM, and it's time for:

Trivia Challenge 4.05: Do you Know What's INIT?

Match the icon on the left to the name of its control panel or extension on the right. Not all of these are shown during startup.

IMAGE images/page1405.gif1. A. Wacom Tablet
IMAGE images/page1406.gif2. B. Kaleidoscope
IMAGE images/page1407.gif3. C. Quicktime Musical Instruments
IMAGE images/page1408.gif4. D. ClickBook
IMAGE images/page1409.gif5. E. PGPe-mailer
IMAGE images/page1410.gif6. F. Retro Startup
IMAGE images/page1411.gif7. G. ColorSync
IMAGE images/page1412.gif8. H. Okey Dokey Pro
IMAGE images/page1413.gif9. I. GoMac
IMAGE images/page1414.gif J. MkLinux
IMAGE images/page1415.gif11. K. Apple Modem Tool
IMAGE images/page1417.gif12. L. Map
IMAGE images/page1418.gif13. M. Color Picker
IMAGE images/page1419.gif14. N. Kerberos Client
IMAGE images/page1420.gif15. O. CopyPaste
IMAGE images/page1421.gif16. P. MetroNub
IMAGE images/page1422.gif17. Q. DeskPicture
IMAGE images/page1423.gif18. R. KeyQuencer
IMAGE images/page1424.gif19. S. OS Chooser
IMAGE images/page1425.gif20. T. PPP
IMAGE images/page1426.gif21. U. English Speech Recognition
IMAGE images/page1427.gif22. V. QuickTake
IMAGE images/page1428.gif23. W. AfterDark
IMAGE images/page1429.gif24. X. Key Access
IMAGE images/page1430.gif25. Y. Dialog View
IMAGE images/page1431.gif26. Z. Double Scroll

The Rules
Each question has only one correct answer. The answers are stored in a hermetically sealed envelope guarded by a fierce Lhasa Apso named "Hammerli" who lives in our house.

Last Month's Answers: Rock Singers

1. Sting H. The Police
2. Kenny Rogers F. The First Edition
3. Alex Chilton K. The Box Tops
4. David Gates M. Bread
5. Burton Cummings P. The Guess Who
6. Chrissy Hynde Q. The Pretenders
7. Dennis Yost L. The Classics IV
8. Jon Anderson B. Yes
9. Johnny Maestro N. The Brooklyn Bridge
10. Smokey Robinson A. The Miracles
11. Linda Ronstadt E. The Stone Ponies
12. Eric Burdon G. The Animals
13. Roger Daltry J. The Who
14. Bill Medley C. The Rightous Brothers
15. Glen Frey D. The Eagles

Blue AppleCopyright —© 1998 Edward Goss, <>. Congratulations to Larry Cafiero, <>, for getting all of last month'sTrivia questions correct.

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