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ATPM 2.08
August 1996





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Printing Troubles Reply

I just finished reading the July issue of ATPM. It was GREAT!

I noticed the letter "Printing Troubles" in the E-mail section. I too have had the same trouble trying to print ATPM on my Performa 575 (Norm!!!!) and Color StyleWriter 2400. The printing problem only seems to occur when I have back ground printing ON. Although I don't know the reason for the problem I have found a work around. Go to the chooser and make sure that back ground printing is OFF. Then go ahead and print ATPM. Everything should work fine.

Scott LeVan

If you are having problems with printing, another solution would be to print the online version at our web site. The content and graphics are all the same. In addition, if you want to print just the text, you can save pages as text from your web browser and use SimpleText, or your favorite word processor to print them. Our web site is located at:

Format Opinons

I know I've previously written that the art in ATPM is absolutely beeeeautiful (not a typo)—but can't resist saying so again. What talent & creativity! And I certainly enjoy the articles as well, many of which I save.

I save assorted ATPM articles to refer to later by printing them & by saving them in the ATPM folder on my HD. Unlike the chap who isn't able to print ATPM ("E-mail," July 20, 1996), I have no problem printing, although my vintage LaserWriter NTR does not print color graphics (only black &white) :-( . Perhaps those who have printing difficulties can resolve them by copying & pasting into a text editor (Tex-Edit Plus is great; $10 shareware; no, I'm not related to the developer ;-) ) before printing. It is an extra step but takes just a minute or two—depending how fast one's fingers are with the copy/paste keys.

*PLEASE* don't switch to Adobe Acrobat Reader. In addition to all the reasons not to do so mentioned in the response (>>the files it generates are large "enormous" is a more accurate description <G>), PDF docs are a major nuisance to read on screen, especially smaller screens, & don't have the easy copy/paste features of DocMaker.

Toby Moore

Thanks for your praise. After examining the options, we again concluded that DocMaker is the best solution around. We just wish that it handled layout a little better.

Passionate Apple

I think you have a good idea about the stock. Lets go a step further....Apple should declare each person who purchases an Apple (any kind) a shareholder & sell shares of stock through the company so you don't have to go to a stock broker.

Charles W. Coe

Not Afraid To Invest In A Fruit Company

You mentioned buying Apple stock....I'm worried I may put the company out of business.

Just over a week ago I bought 50 shares @ $24. Not enough to make a big difference to anyone but me. (I'm a teacher; it was a leap of faith!) But I believe in Macintosh! Five days later the stock had dropped $5 a share. Oh, no! But I optimistically bought another 20 shares....not thinking about the money I had lost (so to speak) but the additional profits I would make when it soars to new heights!

I can't wait for it to top the charts so I can be a millionaire. In the meantime, I'm afraid to look at the stock page.

If it drops to $10 a share, please let me know. I'll take all my soda cans to the recycle place so I can buy some more!

A Future Independently Wealthy Person

URL Matters

Enjoyed your e-zine. Was placed on the LA Mac group BBS, so lots of folks read it I'm sure. You need to give URL's for your on line issue and links for shareware ie. SmoothMove. Also where the update for Norton 3.2.3 can be found for the hard to navigate, time save group.

Ben Fischer

We always appreciate suggestions from our readers. From now on, we'll always endeavor to include URL's in articles when appropriate. To make them easier to spot, URL's will have be accompanied by a blue button the right margin. Clicking on the button will open the URL with Netscape Navigator. Updates for Norton Utilites can be found at:

We'd love to hear your thoughts about our publication. We always welcome your comments, criticisms, suggestions, and praise at

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