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ATPM 2.08
August 1996





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ATPM Summer Sizzle

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the waaay. Oh what fun it is to ride Apple's success todaaay! Wait a minute. This is August. You may think we're a bit premature, but we're calling it the best corporate turnaround this decade. And while we wait on the rest of the world to catch-up on our view there's enough hot new stuff from Apple and Power Computing to call this our "summer sizzle" issue. Unlike this year's partisan political conventions here in the States, we're inviting everyone to this party!

Our candidate for best all-around cool stuff comes from the Apple & Power Computing camp. They're running on the Mac OS platform. We like their new ideas for computer performance, technology advancements and all-around user satisfaction. They have our unqualified endorsement.

March On...

We don't know but it's been said Intel's chips are made of lead. We don't know but we've been told Apple's sales will soon be gold.

We'll just borrow a line from our Bavarian friends and call Apple's soon-to-be-released models "The Ultimate Computing Machines." Dual processors, break-neck speed from the line and it corners the market very well. We just wish they allowed trade-ins. Tired of the auto analogies? Prefer baseball? It was the bottom of the financial ninth, stock down, inventories loaded. We heard that the fly ball finally landed somewhere in Boston to the cheers of the MacWorld Expo crowd. The press was left to sweep the confetti and pick-up their comments that came out of "left field."

And So On...

Well, we're happy Rob's kids are back from vacation. It's nice to have something between the apples and his attitude again. He means well and this month he speaks well about what he means. As for the Personal Computer Paradigm, we never know for sure just what each month will bring except that it makes more sense than most of what we say. We've rescued Mac Man from behind his "huge" desk again this month and put him to work on your questions. Go ahead and take a peek...

Before You Go...

We want you to know, that the web page updates have been a bit slow. Nancy Ross, our webzinger from before, is on to grad school to learn a bit more. We wish her the best as she climbs to the crest of her soon to be started academic quest.

Jessica's books that are on our nook should be in Rob's car or a field quite a far. They aren't quite the reading that we should do before writing this stuff that's e-mailed to you. That is whether or not Horton really did hear a Who. Nancy's good-bye has opened the door to Evan's hard work that seemed hardly a chore. OK, back to syntax.

Evidence of our new webzinger's ATPM handiwork can be found at our new web site at:

We don't know what to make of Evan except that we really don't deserve him. We were kind of "bumfuzzled" when we saw the site. This simply means in computer parlance that we were so stunned we didn't know whether to rebuild the SCSI drive or turn on the desktop. We dedicate this fine effort as our ATPM cyber-station for you, our loyal readers and contributors.

We're also happy to introduce our new Shareware Reviews Editor, Lloyd W. Brown. This month he reviews Warcraft (that's the name of the stuff, not his approach to reviews). He's a long-time Mac enthusiast with cool credentials. He's also promised to be back without any slack for each of our issues with something new and especially for y— (sorry, we just had to do it again).

Read on, stay cool and see what sizzles inside this month's issue.

The ATPM all-volunteer staff (plus Evan and Lloyd).

P.S. Evan and Lloyd are almost ready for their official ATPM staff initiation. We wouldn't even THINK of asking you, our fun-loving readers, to "spam" their e-mail boxes with your favorite "knock, knock" jokes, would we? Hee, hee, hee.

The ATPM StaffApple

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