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May 2001




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About This Particular Web Site

by Paul Fatula,

kicking giants

I discovered this site while looking for information on Paul Valéry. The “universalities” section has short biographies and excerpts from the writing of a number of carefully selected authors, a photo archive of Valéry, and a beautiful bit of interactive fiction called “the island of Xiphos.” Other sections of the site contain images, poetry, and stories, often with a surrealistic tone. It’s a very visually appealing site, which just begs to be explored and enjoyed.


If you’re into customizing your Mac’s user interface, this site is a gold mine. Going well beyond ResEdit hacks, everything from desktop pictures to shareware utilities to themes to customizing OS X is covered. It also published an editorial recently, taking a firm stand against Apple’s attempts to prevent the creation of themes for OS X. If the ability to customize your Mac is important to you, you should read the editorial and send Apple some feedback on the issue.

Todd & Holland Tea Merchants

This is the Web site of my favorite tea store. It offers a great variety of the highest quality teas, and, just as importantly, it offers expertise on the tea world. The site’s UniversiTea gives information on harvesting the tea plant, types of tea, and how best to prepare and enjoy its many different varieties. You can also browse Todd & Holland’s selection by choosing a flavor characteristic or kind of tea. My current favorite is a Lapsang Souchong called Fujian Smoky #1.

Spertus vs.

The true story of someone who sued a spammer and won. While the results of the lawsuit could have been better (she only won $50, and it looks like she wouldn’t have won at all if she hadn’t been her own e-mail service provider), it is definitely reassuring that some judgment was awarded. Spam is common not because of its high success rate, but because of its near zero cost. If suits like this become more popular, perhaps they will serve to deter spamming.

Otanoshimi Page

Everybody knows the first 1,000 digits of are:
But if precision is important to you, you can download the first 400 million digits (in convenient 10 million-digit segments) from this site.

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