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ATPM 5.09
September 1999



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ATPM in Palm Format

As a Palm user, and in response to the letter in ATPM 5.08, I, too, would welcome .pdb-formatted issues.

Orion M.

Please continue to send us your format preferences. —Eds


PowerKey Review

Wow! We are dazzled by your review !

Only thing I found slightly off relates to this mention:

For example, the PowerKey software comes pre-installed with one event: User Start Up. The event is simple—when the Power On Key on the keyboard is pressed, the PowerKey boots up the CPU. The manual points out that if this event is deleted, the Power On Key will no longer boot up the computer!

The PowerKey software comes with two default events, User Start Up and User Shut Down.

True that when the Power On key is pressed, PowerKey Pro boots up the CPU (and turns on all of its outlets). However, if the event is deleted, and there are no events containing the “When ‘Power On’ key is pressed” trigger, PowerKey Pro will use the default behavior when you press the Power On key. (That’s usually OK as most users want all the outlets to turn on when they start up.)

The problem we were trying to mention in the manual is this: if that default start up event is modified, perhaps by adding a qualifier, or by changing the action within that event, it is possible that you could instruct PowerKey Pro not to start up the computer when you press the Power On key, perhaps only at certain times or perhaps because a different action is triggered.

More often, we find customers run into problems deleting the User Shut Down event. The User Shut Down event is designed to automatically turn off all the outlets when you tell the system to Shut Down. Some customers, like you, use the switched outlets to control other servers and they don’t want those servers to lose power when they shut down the CPU running the PowerKey software. As in the User Start Up Event, if you just delete the default User Shut Down event, the PowerKey Pro has to do something at Shut Down, so it will use the default behavior.

For customers powering other servers and critical equipment, we recommend they edit the Shut Down Computer action within the User Shut Down event to set the outlets to remain On (or No Change) at Shut Down. That provides the desired outlet behavior at Shut Down.

Bev Heiszler

Sophisticated Circuits


Wishful Thinking

I love Apple. Don’t get me wrong, but I think that their advertising campaign is going in the wrong direction. While it is good that they are promoting the iMac and soon the iBook they also need to promote the other two products and the Mac platform in general. I think ads where the Mac OS’s simplicity is shown in action (like with a Sherlock search or maybe surfing the Internet) would be very cool.

This ad could close with the word “Simplicity” on the screen. In another they could show some of the most popular games or art programs (Adobe’s next generation Photoshop perhaps) running on a Blue G3 would be awesome). It could end with “Power.” Maybe in one more ad they could show the Mac and a Wintel machine duking it out in a network copying race or rendering with Premiere. This one could say “Speed.”

These ads could all be silent or have very simple music and no announcer. I think they would catch people’s attention and really show new users what the Mac OS is capable of (as most Windows users are anti-Mac even though they have never seen what one can do). It would also be gratifying for us power users to see the thing we take for granted in the Macintosh glorified for everyone (I am typing this on my PowerBook 520c, which is still chugging along beautifully after all these years). Just a thought.

Nick Smerker


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