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ATPM 13.06
June 2007




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Welcome to the June issue of About This Particular Macintosh. This issue includes:

MacMuser: Who Needs an iPod?

Mark Tennent ponders if the day of the iPod has passed—at least for him.

MacMuser: One of Leopard’s Hot Spots

Mark Tennent shares thoughts about Apple’s answer to the Windows Messenger Whiteboard—iChat Theater.

Next Actions: What Do You Do With a Full Inbox?

Continuing his series, Ed Eubanks, Jr. reveals how to process the items in the Inbox that have been gathered in the collection stage.

Photoshop for the Curious: Conjuring Speech/Thought Bubbles

Forget those novelty crack-n-peel labels. In just moments, you can create your own speech and thought bubbles on your digital photos.

Desktop Pictures: Easter Island

Reader James Craig is spending a year on photo assignment at Easter Island. Finally obtaining Internet access, James decided to share some images for this month’s desktop pictures.

Cartoon: Cortland

Cortland and Angie are at odds on what to do for a night on the town, and the latter ends up babysitting the office with Todd. Our favorite skull-wearing hacker introduces our fare damsel to the wonders of ahem online movies, while the two take a walk on the wild side with the contents of the office fridge. We hope they don’t encounter any ROUSes behind the old Pepsi.

Review: Aluminum Desktop Stand

A laptop stand that improves on past designs, but not enough.

Review: Hacking the Cable Modem

Not for the faint of heart, if you scoff at “this will void your warranty” warnings and almost always have a soldering iron within reach, this book about cable modem hacking may be for you.

Review: Live Interior 3D 1.0.3

Hitting the mark for those without 3D program experience and for basic personal use, Live Interior 3D has some growing up to do if it’s to be used by a small interior design company.

Review: Rip-Stop Backpack

Christopher Turner indulges his computing backpack obsession with a look at Incase’s offering, the Rip-Stop Backpack.

Review: SimpleMovieX 3.0

Solid movie editing software but needs better documentation.

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