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ATPM 6.02
February 2000



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Reviews: Updates

Madden NFL 2000 1.0.1

Just after we wrote last month’s review of Madden NFL 2000, Aspyr announced that it was releasing a version 1.0.1 updater for the game. The updater addresses several issues. It includes two fixes for dealing with crashes at startup, and fixes for the global playbook crash, the Veteran’s Stadium/Software rendering crash, and the franchise trade crash. It addresses two issues concerning timeouts and three issues concerning clock problems. It also fixes a cosmetic problem in the create player screen. Finally, it properly assigns jersey numbers when trades occur.

Download the Madden NFL 2000 1.0.1 updater from IMG.

• • •

JChecker 2.1.1

JChecker has been updated to version 2.1.1. We reviewed this HTML code validator back in 5.08. The current version of JChecker now features a new link-checking function, as well as improvements to its HTML “beautification” feature. JChecker checks over fifty things to make sure your pages are operating at peak performance, things like the hierarchical relation of tags, corresponding ending tags, attributes, and spelling. Its power can be customized by editing the HTML Tag Dictionary.

JChecker is a 1.2 MB download, and is available here.

• • •

There are far too many Mac products these days for us to review each one, or even keep up with all the ones we have reviewed. Indeed, many shareware authors are revving their products more than once a month! The Update section is where we acknowledge significant new versions of products that we have previously reviewed. If new features, bug fixes, or other revisions are substantial enough to change our assessment of a piece of software, we will generally publish a full review of the new version.

appleSend update information to Reviewing in ATPM is open to anyone. If you’re interested, write to us at

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