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February 2000



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by David Spencer,

If you’ve been watching television lately, you may have noticed a new ad campaign by EarthLink Network. It features some of the more frivolous (or fun) creations spawned out of the Internet. This proves that just about anybody can forge a little place on the Internet to call home. A home can range from a mansion to a split-level trailer. The difference is that, on the Internet, the greatest mansion sits next to the rickety old shack. All sites pretty much have an equal opportunity to be visited. Now I just wish I could get that blasted hampster dance song out of my head!

I hope you enjoy this month’s selections of interesting Web sites. I’m always on the lookout for interesting sites. If you have one, or if you know of a cool one, e-mail the address to don’t suggest the hampster dance!

Icon Town


A virtual town of icons.

It was only a matter of time before someone decided to create a little world out of icons. Icon Town is just what it sounds like—a unique community of icons. Each plot contains an icon you design or choose from. You can also have a link to your site. Whenever a plot comes up for grabs, just click over to the town hall where you fill out a simple form and submit it to the Council of IconTown. Within a week you will be notified if you get the plot.

Icon Town really gives the Web a community feel to it. You can see where Icon Factory, a popular icon site, has put up a shop. Sprinkled around the area are other businesses and personal sites, all arranged like a small community.

The site supports icons up to 32 by 32 in size and can reflect whatever personality you like. The only cost for a plot of land is a promise to either donate some money or time to your local homeless shelter.

Mike Bonnell’s Computer Wallpaper bonnell


Beautiful computer wallpaper.

I switch my computer wallpaper about once a week. That means I need a source for great wallpapers, and Mike Bonnell’s Computer Wallpaper fits the bill.

When I first visited Mike’s site, I was instantly addicted. The wallpapers Mike creates are absolutely stunning. You won’t be able to distinguish between what’s real and what isn’t.

Live Weather Images


Satellite images, weather maps, and citycams from just about anywhere.

Here you can view current satellite images from NOAA, among other agencies. You’ll get very detailed images of cloud cover, live radar, infrared images of entire regions, and many other weather related visual tools.

Another part of this site that I found interesting is the citycam section. Many large cities around the U.S. have television cameras installed by local news stations. They have linked many of these cameras onto one page and arranged them by state. So, from one site, you can view live images of many large cities in America!

Fantasy Stock Market


All the excitement...none of the debt.

If I were to invest some money in the stock market, I’d probably be better off just flushing the money down the toilet. Fantasy Stock Market lets you dabble in the stock market without accidentally losing your home. Just by signing up, you’re given $100,000 to play the stocks and mutual funds of the New York, NASDAQ, American, and other US stock exchanges.



The movies that Hollywood didn’t make.

Sometimes the movie previews we see on TV end up being better than the actual movies. So, why not just forget about making a movie at all and just make awesome movie trailers? That’s the idea behind Trailervision.

Trailervision is made up entirely of fake movie previews. The trailers are outrageously funny, well scripted, and decently shot. Hollywood will probably be knocking on their doors someday, wanting one of these ideas.

The Complete Works of William Shakespeareshakespeare


Calling all Shakespeare lovers.

I have a huge book weighing down my bookshelf—it’s a compilation of most every play written by William Shakespeare. Searching through this tome can be a real chore. What I need is a way to reference any of his works quickly and thoroughly.

This Web site makes available every play that Shakespeare has written. It is arranged individually by play and further broken down into acts, and even into scenes.

Many other similar sites contain only a select few plays, in which portions of plays are cut out, or are just plain wrong. This site has it all laid out in a straightforward, complete fashion.

Real Age


Calculate your “real” age.

I found out that I’m five years older than what’s printed on my birth certificate. At Real Age, you fill out a detailed profile about your lifestyle, work habits, fitness, and more. After approximately half an hour of answering questions, your real age is calculated. The endless questions become annoying at times, but they’re necessary to give you an accurate score.

Once you find out your real age, the site highlights ways to improve your lifestyle. The suggestions are very personalized and detailed. For example, it doesn’t just say, “You need to exercise more.” Based on the information you provide, it tells you exactly what kinds of exercise would benefit you the most, how often to do it, and what kind of impact on your life it will have.

Virtual Crack Rockvirtualcrack


A hilarious twist on e-cards.

What could be more delightfully refreshing than getting some fresh crack rocks in your mailbox! Go on over to Virtual Crack Rock and choose from an attractive selection of crack to e-mail your friends. Add a little personal message and press the send button. Your recipient will receive an e-mail with a link to a virtual pager, where he enters in his own personalized pager number. His dealer then gives him the crack.

The site is just like sending e-cards, but instead of cards, you’re sending pictures of crack cocaine.

appleCopyright © 2000 David Spencer. David Spencer has been a Mac advocate since 1991, when he traded in his IBM PC Jr. for a Mac Classic. He can be reached at The Web sites mentioned here are not endorsed by ATPM, they are simply suggestions for your own browsing endeavors.

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