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ATPM 17.12
December 2011


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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

What Is ATPM?

About This Particular Macintosh (ATPM) is, among other things, a monthly Internet magazine or “e-zine.” ATPM was created to celebrate the personal computing experience. For us this means the most personal of all personal computers—the Apple Macintosh. About This Particular Macintosh is intended to be about your Macintosh, our Macintoshes, and the creative, personal ideas and experiences of everyone who uses a Mac. We hope that we will continue to be faithful to our mission.

Are You Looking for New Staff Members?

ATPM is looking to add more regular reviewers to our staff. Though all positions with About This Particular Macintosh are volunteer, reviewing is a great way to share your product knowledge and experience with fellow members of the Macintosh community. If you’re interested, contact ATPM’s Reviews Editor, Paul Fatula.

How Can I Subscribe to ATPM?

Visit the subscriptions page.

Which Format Is Best for Me?

  • The Online Webzine edition is for people who want to view ATPM in their Web browser, while connected to the Internet. It provides sharp text, lots of navigation options, and live links to ATPM back issues and other Web pages.
  • The Offline Webzine is an HTML version of ATPM that is formatted for viewing offline and made available in a Mac OS X disk image. The graphics, content, and navigation elements are the same as with the Online Webzine, but you can view it without being connected to the Internet. It requires a Web browser.
  • The Print PDF edition is saved in Adobe PDF format. It has a two-column layout with smaller text and higher-resolution graphics that are optimized for printing. It may be viewed online in a browser, or downloaded and viewed in Apple’s Preview or Adobe Reader on Macintosh or Windows. PDFs may be magnified to any size and searched with ease.
  • The Screen PDF edition is also saved in Adobe PDF format. It’s a one-column layout with larger text that’s optimized for reading on-screen.

How Can I Submit Cover Art?

We enjoy the opportunity to display new, original cover art every month. We’re also very proud of the people who have come forward to offer us cover art for each issue. If you’re a Macintosh artist and interested in preparing a cover for ATPM, please e-mail us. The way the process works is pretty simple. As soon as we have a topic or theme for the upcoming issue we let you know about it. Then, it’s up to you. We do not pay for cover art but we are an international publication with a broad readership and we give appropriate credit alongside your work. There’s space for an e-mail address and a Web page URL, too. Write to for more information.

How Can I Send a Letter to the Editor?

Got a comment about an article that you read in ATPM? Is there something you’d like us to write about in a future issue? We’d love to hear from you. Send your e-mail to We often publish the e-mail that comes our way.

How Can I Contribute to ATPM?

There are several sections of ATPM to which readers frequently contribute:

Segments: Slices from the Macintosh Life

This is one of our most successful spaces and one of our favorite places. We think of it as kind of the ATPM “guest room.” This is where we will publish that sentimental Macintosh story that you promised yourself you would one day write. It’s that special place in ATPM that’s specifically designated for your stories. We’d really like to hear from you. Several Segments contributors have gone on to become ATPM columnists. Send your stuff to

Hardware and Software Reviews

ATPM publishes hardware and software reviews. However, we do things in a rather unique way. Techno-jargon can be useful to engineers but is not always a help to most Mac users. We like reviews that inform our readers about how a particular piece of hardware or software will help their Macintosh lives. We want them to know what works, how it may help them in their work, and how strongly we recommend it. Please contact our reviews editor, before you begin writing, if you have a piece of hardware or software that you’d like to review.

Which Products Have You Reviewed?

Check our reviews index for the complete list.

What is Your Rating Scale?

ATPM uses the following ratings (in order from best to worst): Excellent, Very Nice, Good, Okay, Rotten. Products rated Good or better are ones that we recommend. Okay products get the job done. We recommend avoiding Rotten products.

Will You Review My Product?

If you or your company has a product that you’d like to see reviewed, send a copy our way. We’re always looking for interesting pieces of software to try out. Contact for shipping information. You can send press releases to

Where Can I Find Back Issues of ATPM?

Back issues of ATPM, dating since April 1995, are available in DOCMaker stand-alone format and as PDF. In addition, all issues since ATPM 2.05 (May 1996) are available in HTML format.

What If My Question Isn’t Answered Above?

We hope by now that you’ve found what you’re looking for (We can’t imagine there’s something else about ATPM that you’d like to know.). But just in case you’ve read this far (We appreciate your tenacity.) and still haven’t found that little piece of information about ATPM that you came here to find, please feel free to e-mail us at (You guessed it.)

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