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ATPM 16.07
July 2010




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by Robert Paul Leitao,

Welcome to the July issue of About This Particular Macintosh! We invite you to join us this month and every month as we explore what we call “the personal computing experience.” June was a busy month for Apple product introductions. We take a quick look at a few of the product announcements in the Welcome to this month’s issue.


At Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference in June, Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced a change in the company’s nomenclature for its mobile device operating system. What was once known as the iPhone OS has been renamed iOS upon the release of its latest version.

The iOS powers a number of devices including the iPhone, iPod touch, and the popular iPad. The change in nomenclature reflects the variety of devices using the mobile device operating system. iOS 4 became available for iPhone owners in June and will be made available for the Apple iPad by fall.


In late June, Apple reported that the popular iPad, which debuted in the United States on April 3rd and is now in limited international release, has achieved unit sales of over 3 million units. It’s an astounding level of success for a product that’s been available for sale for less than 90 days. The Apple iPad’s early success has Wall Street analysts revising their earning projections for Apple and raising their share price targets.

iPhone 4

Released for sale on June 24th, the fourth iteration of Apple’s iPhone achieved sales of 1.7 million units in four days, eclipsing the iPad in setting a unit sales record. With its front-facing camera for video, the Apple A4 processor to power the device, and iOS 4, iPhone 4 has realized a level of mass adoption previously unknown for any Apple product. iPhone 4 is expected to maintain a torrid sales pace throughout its anticipated twelve-month cycle as Apple’s flagship smartphone product.

Mac mini

In a less heralded product refresh, the diminutive Mac mini now sports a more robust graphics sub-system. Available in both desktop and server configurations, the lower cost, smaller sized Mac mini is proving to be a versatile and cost-effective solution for a variety of home and small business needs.

Our July Issue

July is a time for fun in the sun at home and while on vacation. Each month our editors prepare a unique blend of news and reviews for your enjoyment and enrichment. Please take along a copy of ATPM to share with friends and family as your summer adventures begin and our chronicle of the “personal computing experience” continues.

Our July issue includes:

The Candy Apple: On Temptation

For those of us who don’t have long commutes, a lot of Apple’s newer products are luxuries and not necessities.

MacMuser: Earl Grey, Computing’s Future?

Mark Tennent shares his view on how the iPad (and devices like it) is the future of computing.

MacMuser: What a Waste

Mark Tennent has acquired—and disposed of—a considerable amount of electronic equipment in the past few years.

Desktop Pictures: Charleston

Julie Ritterskamp offers this month’s desktop photos from Charleston, South Carolina.

Out at Five

Matt Johnson’s new series, Out at Five, looks at the workplace and its boundaries from all angles, revolving around many of the same characters from his former series, Cortland.

Review: BearExtender n3

A useful means of adding Wi-Fi range to most Macs, but with poor Mac software.

Review: BookArc

One company takes a stand against desk clutter for external monitor users.

Review: Inner Quest 1.0

A puzzle game for shiny happy people.

Review: PDF2Office Professional 5.0.4

Though there’s plenty of room for improvement, using PDF2Office to import PDF files into Microsoft Word or Excel is superior to simply copying and pasting.

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