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December 2004


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Review: Corregon 1.0.1

by Ellyn Ritterskamp,


Developer: Degana Games

Price: $20

Requirements: 800 by 600 display, Mac OS 9 with CarbonLib 1.5or Mac OS X

Recommended: Mac OS X 10.1

Trial: Feature-limited (first 5 levels out of 20)

This is another puzzle game that is adequate amusement, but nothing special. Shapes of different colors are grouped, and you remove the groups, trying to avoid leaving orphaned shapes. The music is cool, the colors are vivid, but it is not a game I’m in a hurry to play again.


Level 1

I used to play a similar game at pogo online called Poppit! in which you pop groups of balloons of the same color. I suppose a game like Corregon would serve as amusement for kids, if you didn’t want them playing online unsupervised, or for adults who do not care for sitting for through the ads at pogo and sites like it. There is just nothing special about Corregon until you reach the final four levels. At level 17 the colors disappear, and you can’t plan your approach nearly as well unless you have a good memory. These final four levels were challenging.


Level 17

The game’s name is a combination of the Latin verb corregere (to arrange or correct) and the Greek suffix -gon (shape). The name is the cleverest part of the game. The music is lively. The pink shapes that show up around level 6 or 7 are so pink I found myself removing them early just to not have to see that color. Some folks will love that color, though.

Download and installation were painless, and the tutorial is fine. Degana has other games I didn’t explore; perhaps they are more challenging. Corregon is fine for beginning puzzle gamers, but I don’t recommend it for experienced players.

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