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June 2004

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Puerto Rico

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Reader Comments (24)

Moshe Assulin · June 6, 2004 - 07:28 EST #1

I wonder if those pics are royalty free, I need one of the caves to work of book cover design.
Lee Bennett (ATPM Staff) · June 6, 2004 - 15:50 EST #2
Moshe - they are not technically royalty free in the actual meaning of the term, but arrangements can generally be made, just the same.

E-mail me directly, lbennett @, and I'll discuss your options to use photos for your project.
Nodtveidt · November 20, 2004 - 03:09 EST #3
Nice photos of the Camuy Caves. Although you really have to see them in person to get the full experience, these pictures are beautiful. Great work.
visitor · March 5, 2005 - 01:49 EST #4
These pictures are just a treat!!
Beba · April 21, 2005 - 16:03 EST #5
your page is very interesant because have pictures very, very cool! . I like the pictures that have the page. are pictures very, very ¬°cools!!
sarah parsons · May 17, 2005 - 05:40 EST #6
Sylvia Pagani · May 28, 2005 - 07:32 EST #7
Hi. I just saw your photos of Puerto Rico. Thank you very much for showing other people the beauties of my land. To really enjoy them, you just have to be here, it's really a paradise. My husband and me most of the times take our vacations in the Island because , even if you live here, ther's so much to discover always. I was born, raised and lived here all my life and I feel lucky for that. Thank you again for your photos. Sylvia
Marielys Matos · June 24, 2005 - 23:34 EST #8
Hi! I saw your photos and I think they are wonderful.Every time thatnI see the pictures it make me feel very proud of my Puerto Rico.We really have a paradise.I was born,raised and lived in Puerto Rico until I got married and then moved to Buffalo.Every day I have in my thoughts my beautiful and unique island.My land is the best and Im proud to be "boricua".
Candice M. · July 2, 2005 - 16:45 EST #9
Hello, My mom is a very talented photographer and she was even impressed!! Have you ever thought of going to Greers Ferry,AR. We lived there for a while, and it's so beautiful!! It's a 40,000 acre lake in the mountains, with a beautiful golf couse (Mountain Ranch)in Fairfield Bay. All the people are so nice and It's a great place to retire. My mom made some AMAZING pics of the lake and just Arkansas in general. It's one of the most beautiful states We've ever been to and I really think it's underestimated. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!!!!
Lee Bennett (ATPM Staff) · July 2, 2005 - 17:15 EST #10
Candice - thanks for the kudos.

Greers Ferry sounds like a cool place to see. If I'm ever in Arkansas, I'll see if I can make it. :-)

You know, ATPM accepts photo submissions from readers. If you're interested in offering a set of photos for a future month's issue, just contact
Brittany · September 8, 2005 - 13:40 EST #11
They were pretty awesome!
Cheta Adina · November 4, 2005 - 13:06 EST #12
Hello! These are very beautiful pictures and it's a very good idea to put this photos on a site, so peoples from everywhere can see them.
Greetings from Romania
Kathy · December 8, 2005 - 00:16 EST #13
Thank you for such lovely photos. Great help for a school project on beautiful places.
Megan H. · January 2, 2006 - 14:41 EST #14
these are so cool. greetings from the u.s.a. north carolina!!!
Judith Blanco · January 16, 2006 - 20:43 EST #15
If these pictures are of Aguadilla, Puerto Rico they trully bring me close to home. My parents were born there and I never got to visit, so these pictures are a blessing. Tks!
Luisa · April 13, 2006 - 10:04 EST #16
Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos of Puerto Rico. I used to go to the Camuy Caves a lot when I was a child and it was a lot of fun. I recommend anyone that goes to Puerto Rico to go to unbeathen paths and explore all there is. It could literally take you months to see all the beauty this island possesses. I love Vieques and my home town of Cabo Rojo.
Marcos Melendez · April 19, 2006 - 09:11 EST #17
Great Pictures! These are by far the best pictures I've seen for desktop purposes. I've lived in Puerto Rico all my life, and these pictures remind me of the beautiful land I live in.

I also recommend these places in P.R. which would make great pictures (Place, Town, P.R.):

- Flamenco Beach, Island of Culebra, P.R.
- Monte del Estado, Maricao, P.R.
- Porta Coeli Church, San German, P.R.
- Aguirre (Old District), Guayama/Salinas, P.R.
Paul Montanez · July 28, 2006 - 12:40 EST #18
I am also originally from Central Aguirre, Municipio of Salinas,PR. I have been away for many years and the beauty of the land never fails to fill my heart. I also recommend the old District of Aguirre for great new pictures before its beauty is lost.
Pedro Gonzalez · September 20, 2006 - 11:52 EST #19
Wonderful pictures. Reminds me of home!
Jessie Nutt · October 26, 2006 - 11:51 EST #20
I used to go to survivor beach (beach 2 pic.) when I lived in PR. This pic. brought back a lot of good memories. I still would love to go back.
Sandra Aviles · January 19, 2007 - 22:52 EST #21
Love becomes tangible, sensible to the eye and extended to the root of a puertorrican soul admiring these views. So thankful!
Marlina · March 7, 2007 - 01:28 EST #22
I love Puerto Rico and i'm so glad everyone us enjoys my home town
Ruth Talboy · May 3, 2007 - 04:06 EST #23
It's a pleasure to know that there people who takes time to share the beautiful picture of the most beautiful island of the world,Puerto Rico. I was trying to explain some friends here in Colorado about the beautiful views that there in Puerto Rico, them we decide to search and it was like a beautiful gift from God to see all what you show up here. You make me remember that Borinquen me llama" Este pais no es el mio, Borinquen es pura flama y aquí me muero de frio. Viva mi isla bonita.Gracias!!!
L.R. Valle · October 2, 2008 - 23:51 EST #24
Thanks, for the Photos. They remind me of my childhood. I use to spend a lot of time when I was a Kid at "La Posa del Ovispo" y "El Muelle" fishing, swiming, diving from "La Roca" Looking at people and boats particularlly during The Summer and the "El torneo de Pesca" el cual era en "El Muelle" se ve muy Bonito ahorra y estoy seguro que tan o mas popular, pero era mas Hermoso cuando estaba rustico y menos comercial

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