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Mac Publications

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Subcategories: Print · General · Youth · Fee-based · Int'l


Companion Sites To Print Publications

Mac|Life A hands-on guide to anything and everything Macintosh.
Macworld If you use a Mac and haven’t heard of Macworld, what rock did you crawl out from under?


General Interest

About This Particular Macintosh Yeah, that’s us baby!
macCompanion Monthly musings, comments, and reviews.
Mac Opinion Frequenty updated editorials.
Mac Review Lots of reviews at this e-zine-turned-Website.
My Mac A monthly e-zine plus online exclusives.
TidBITS One of the oldest Macintosh e-zines, available by web and by weekly e-mail. Also available in several translations. Prides itself on being 7-bit-compliant.



MacTeens Mac hangout aimed at teens.


Fee-based Subscription Publications

MacJournals Excellent subscription-only news and opinion available daily, weekly, and/or monthly.


Internationally Based Publications

Mac Format Britain’s best selling Macintosh magazine.
Macwelt German Mac magazine, focusing on the publishing industry.
Macworld UK ZDNet’s British incarnation of the popular monthly magazine.

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